Friday, January 25, 2013

Fabergé Friday

So few Fabergé eggs left now...And non of them have known names...Here is the next one:

This 2,75 kilos, silver, gold and gold plate egg was kept in a collection in Eastern Europe for over fifty years.

When opened up, it reveals a beautiful sailing ship in gold.

Today's second egg was made sometime before 1896:

This gold egg is covered in white enamel, and decorated with laurel wreaths and bows of different colored gold. 340 diamonds, and 28 cabochon rubies also deck it's surface.

The surprise consist of a gold basket filled with gold flowers covered in white enamel, with green enamel leaves, and ruby centers.


  1. What gorgeous eggs, I think we've been saving some of the best ones for last ;) And such a shame they have no info, but I think it's what makes them even more enchanting, because we can dream up a story for them!! Amazing ship inside the first one...maybe they were explorers and this was to commemorate their adventures :) Lots dance around in my head just now...but, I love them anyways. Gorgeous. We need a room, a giant room full of these eggs, it would be grand :)) I hope you have a wonderful weekend my darling girl!! xxxxxxx

  2. I'm going to be so sad when this Faberge series ends Miss Meadows but I understand it can't go on forever haha. I love the inside to this egg in particular, the gold is just amazing!


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