Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Von Follies by Dita von Teese

When I first looked at Dita von Teese's lingerie collection Von Follies I immediately wanted the black overwire bra. It didn't exist in my 32 A size by then though, so for a long time I haven't payed so much attention to it. But then, a few weeks ago, I took a peek at it again, and noticed the bra was now being sold in my size! Yay! Of course I ordered it, together with a pair of panties with a matching garter belt, and here they are! Just wish I could have done a proper shoot, with a better camera for these pictures. But sometimes there just isn't enough time...

I ordered everything from Debenhams, but the panties that are paired with the black overwire bra were out of stock, so I decided to go with the black lace and fishnet brief, and it's matching garter belt instead - which turned out to work really well with the bra!

The panties have a sheer backside, and even though I show them with the garters over them here (because it looks better in pictures) the right way to use a garter belt is with the straps underneath the panties! As I almost always wear stockings instead of pantyhose, I was happy to see the Von Follies garters are equipped with six straps and metal clasps, which means they will be able to hold my stockings in place all day long. 


The bra can be worn with or without the straps, and in my opinion it's meant to be shown off! Like in the picture above where Dita wears it underneath The Showcase Dress from her Muse collection. Wish I could afford this dress, but even though her dresses might be a bit pricey, the pieces in her lingerie collection come at very good prices! And even though they won't break your bank accounts, they still feel - and look - really well made! So as long as they come in my size, I will definitely get more Von Follies lingerie in the future!


  1. Snyggt! Väldigt fint!!..

    Ja kanske borde överväga strumpebandshållare igen, har kört på gördel i flera år nu istället eftersom jag inte hittat strumpebandshållare som jag tyckt suttit bra, tycker alltid de glider ner och inte sitter tillräckligt "hårt".. Men med gördel blir det ju lite träligt eftersom man inte kan ha trosorna ovanpå, jobbigt när man behöver gå på damernas att dra upp och ned hela tiden. :) Ska nog kolla upp det där med strumpebandshållare igen tror jag.. Kanske bara har haft fel sort förut. :)

  2. Gorgeous you look! Suits you very well...and you know, I was looking at the same bra & panties, haha! Now, that I know they look great on someone that isn't Dita, I may just have another look. Love the whole ensemble. I like to buy the whole thing to have a set or at least pair it as best as I can to have a whole set. Perfect, you look stunning!! <3 <3

  3. Wow, you look amazing! I, too, am an A cup girl, and searching for vintage lingerie is always a struggle!
    Nice to see 6-strap garter belts; they're so much better than the cheap ones usually found in the shops!

  4. Wow Miss Meadows, that's great that you managed to get a size that suited you, you look great here!

  5. Wow, fantastiskt tjusigt!

    XoXo / Linn

  6. Har faktiskt provat Wkd. den lite större strumpebandshållaren, det var den jag tyckte var lite sådär, eller ja. den gled ned.. men jag kanske hade för stor storlek??.. kan ju varit det.. Nu kör jag istället på glamour-girdle och älskar den just för att den sitter som berget, förutom det att man får dra ner den och krångla då när man ska komma åt att gå på muggen... Sen kan det ju bli lite svettigt på varma dagar att klämma in sig sådär.. Iallafall om man har lite ähum "fläsk" som kläms ihop.. haha!


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