Friday, January 11, 2013

Fabergé Friday

The few Fabergé eggs left come without much information, so for these last egg-posts I'll show you two, instead of just one!

First we have the "Bowenite Clock Egg", from 1903!

This egg - standing on three silver legs - is made of bowenite, and is decorated with silver ornaments. The dial has Roman numerals, and is framed by a silver wreath.

Then we have an egg we don't know either the name, or the date of production for.

The only information I could find about this one is that it was exhibited in India together with other Fabergé eggs and works. The middle part of the egg is covered in white enamel, and decorated with laurels and bows of multi-colored gold. The top and bottom has ornaments of blue and green enamel, and as you can see it is pretty obvious that the top of the egg is removable, and so most probably once was opened to reveal a hidden surprise...


  1. Adore that top egg, it's so pretty!! Just wonderful. Sad there is not much info on them, what a wonderful story they must have! Well, I guess we can just daydream them :) Happy Friday doll, I hope the weekend is grand xx

  2. Faberge Eggs (and others like them) are so resplendently beautiful. I'm not sure if it's because I have a wee bit of Russian blood in my genes (thanks, grandpa! :) ), or if it's because I've always been drawn to rococo-esque things, but I adore these miniature works of art so much, too.

    Many sincere thanks, my dear, for your wonderfully kind comment on my wig reveal outfit post this week, it really means a lot to me.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Being a watch fetishist—as I am—the first egg almost made me loose my breath! Do you happen to know who made the watch?

    1. The workmaster of this, and most of the other of Fabergé's clock eggs, is Mikhail Perkhin. I don't know if he made the actual clock-part of the eggs though. But considering the fact that several of the eggs has complicated automatons inside of them, I guess it's probable he knew how to put together a clock too! :) xox

  4. I adore the clock egg, it seems like the coolest way to keep track of the time in all honesty. Great post Miss Meadows, both of these eggs are awesome!


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