Monday, January 21, 2013

Mrs Murphy

I have a friend I have never seen without a gorgeous dress covering her fabulous curves, and a pair of high heels on her feet. Her name is Mrs. Murphy! She is the epitome of a confident woman who won't let anyone or anything stand in the way of letting her be the lady she is, and live her life as she wants it! And now to what she works with - in her own words:

"Mrs. Murphy invites you to a never ending cocktail party. In her presence, you always have that bubbling feeling that life is wonderful, you are the hottest at the party and that the great adventure is just about to begin...Mrs. Murphy's mission is to beautify life, and give us a little smile on our faces while doing it. She designs not only individual products but whole worlds, or rather whole universes...Because why stop at the sky when you can be a star...!"

She is an illustrator and designer who has won prizes and awards for her work both in Sweden and abroad, and during the years I have seen her design everything from gorgeous dresses, to calendars and condom cases - like the one below which she gave me at a party once...

Mrs. Murphy says it like it is! And her ingenious quotes can be seen on many of her products, like for example:

A MacBook Pro case, which lining and binding can be color-customized.

"COFFEE...??? Where's my freakin' champagne...?!?" Coffee mug with a lid. Need one of those...

Throw pillows. GREAT for pillow fights!

"OOPS! Did I but champagne instead of milk again...?" Drink coasters. Love this quote! If you're lactose sensitive - like me - this might have happened to you a few times...

Kitchen towels.

iPhone 4 case.

Note books...

...and many other things. If you're having a bad, grey day, and you see one of these quotes, your day will instantly get a bit better. Trust me! I follow her on Facebook, and now and then she puts up newly invented quotes that immediately brightens my day by reminding me that I - and everybody else - are just as fabulous as they make themselves, and that the everyday-glamour is in the little things you do for yourself! Except for the quotes she also spreads inspiring pictures on the web. So if you need some encouragement during the long weeks, I strongly advice you to follow her on Facebook! Here's the link:

If you want to check out her web store it's here (the Swedish one, roll down to the bottom to find your country's store):


  1. Hiya darling!! Happy Monday :) These are super, I shall check out the pages straight away...I like what she says about life and making it glamorous in the little things. Most think you must be rich to be glamorous, which isn't true, makes it easier to buy things, but not easier. The little quotes show it's all in how you feel about yourself, love that!! And I too love wearing great dresses every day :)) My kind of gal :))) I just spent the weekend cleaning out my closet and lingerie drawer - this always happens after watching a interview with Dita Von Teese, she reminds me to look glam, haha! Shall be getting rid of some modern clothes I never wear as they just get swamped by my vintage stuff, haha. So, if selling them will give me more money for pretty vintage dresses, this is good ;) Well, off to see her facebook page! Have a fun day doll <3

  2. This lady is amazing haha, talk about being glamorous, I swear Mrs Murphy is my new idol despite the fact that I'm a guy and maybe she shouldn't be. I love her philosophy, "this shouldn't be coffee, where's my champagne," haha. I want to buy something for my mum or somebody like that, I reckon they'd get a real kick off this kind of thing, absolutely love the concept, she's my kind of lady!


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