Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Vintage Dresses

Here in Sweden we have a blogger and vintage expert etc...named Elsa Billgren. One day I stumbled over her Pinterest site, and found a page full of gorgeous vintage dresses! So after having looked at it for a while, and then changed my clothes - my own dress became full of drool for some reason... - I decided to simply "borrow" my favorite pictures and share them with you all! So. Here we go!

1895-1910 Belle Epoch summer dress

1905. Anna Pavlova's "The White Swan" costume, designed by Leo Bakst

1948. Designed by Charles James

1937. By Madeleine Vionnet

Backside of the dress above

Dated to the last third of the 18th century

1913. Russia


1957. By Elizabeth Arden

1951. "Petal" Dress by Charles James



1949. "Venus Gown" by Dior

To see all the dresses on Elsa's Pinterest, go here:


  1. Oh yes...I read her blog, she always has dresses that make my eyes gleam :))) I've re-pinned some of these actually, haha!! I wouldn't mind if pinning meant they ended up in your wardrobe...I wouldn't take them off...amazing work has gone into these....swoon....WANT!!!! ;)

  2. Damn Miss Meadows! :P As I went through these photos I found myself saying "wow that looks incredible, I've got to point out to Miss Meadows that I love that one in particular," only to say the same thing over and over again until there are too many to list. I think you'd look great in all of these but specifically 1913, 1948 and 1937 would look amazing on you, these are all brilliant though, absolutely adore every single one of them.

  3. Oh, how I would love to wear just one of these for just one night ...

  4. Oh my goodness! Each and every one of these look so awesome!!!
    Do stop over my blog too sometime dear! :)

  5. Such tremendously beautiful gowns! There isn't a single one here that I wouldn't at least attempt to wear (I say "attempt" because being petite, really long gowns sometimes don't work on me, unless I hem them - but goodness would I give these the old college try!).

    ♥ Jessica

  6. All so very beautiful, I think I'll dream about them so more :) x


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