Monday, April 15, 2013

Beneath The Surface...

In the middle of Stockholm lies the Hallwyl Palace. After the Hallwyl family stopped living here, it has now become a museum - both in itself, with it's beautiful interiors and collection of art, and as a venue for showing different exhibitions.

From March 8th - June 9th they have an exhibition called Beneath the surface - the Unmentionables and other Sweet Taboos at the turn of the 20th Century. As you can imagine this was something I had to see! So here are some of the goodies that were on display! 

I love this old bra! It was during the 1930s cup sizes were given the letters ABCD, that were supposed to be equivalent to the sizes of A - half a lemon, B - half an orange, C - half a grapefruit, and D - half a melon.

Behold! The very practical combinège - with a very convenient butt-flap!

Bathrobe and swimsuit from the 1890s.

The Hallwyl Palace is equipped with many modern luxuries. Like for example this bathtub...

...and this very comfortable indoor toilet! Wow...

Instruments used for gynecological examinations. Nice...

And this is what women used for their once-a-month "inconvenience"...These are from the 1920s, and are crocheted in two layers, with an opening in one side where they put some kind of absorbing material.

Pregnancy girdle. Worn to support the belly and the back.

Nipple protectors in glass, from 1866. For nursing mothers.

Beautiful wedding dress from 1865. Closest to the floor the with of the skirt is 5,5 meters!

Closeup of the bodice with its intricately hand tied network, fringes and tassels.

White shoes and red slippers from 1865.

This was my second visit to the Hallwyl Palace, and if you go to Stockholm I highly recommend paying it a visit! Even though you might not be interested in the current exhibition, the palace is a museum in itself. I have actually decided to move in there! So you're all welcome to my new home for a cocktail or two! Sort of...


  1. This museum sounds like such an amazing place to visit Miss Meadows, actually love the story behind this, great photos.

  2. I love it...I love going and seeing these kinds of things...perfect!! Shame I don't live closer, I would have went with you :) xx


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