Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mrs. Murphy's House Warming Party

Downstairs at the beautiful Berns in Stockholm lies the erotic shop Pom Pom Parlour. Mrs. Murphy had decided to move in there, and last Friday she had her house waring party!

I wore a black pencil skirt from Daisy Dapper and a corset Fanny gave me once for helping her in her ex vintage shop. Peeking out of the corset is the underwire bra from Dita von Teese's Von Follies collection.

Bracelets and earring I had made myself with pearls from Swarovski.

The evening started with drinks in Ljusgården (The Light Yard), where the bartenders looked stylish in their white bathrobes.

Then we went down in the basement - and Mrs. Murphy's new home - which she had decorated very nicely!

She handed out streamers to pop, and small champagne bottles with bubbles to blow - here demonstrated by gorgeous Lenore Caine. Then the party began...

...and me and the girls made ourself at home in Mrs. Murphy's "apartment"! Here are Tifa, Lenore, Elegy Ellem and Ida.

Of course Ellem had to lick something, so she went for one of the big, inflated champagne bottles. She also licked my teeth. But that was after I licked hers. She had a bit of lipstick on one tooth, and I just wanted to help her. Um...Anyway...

I found a nice epée in Mrs. Murphy's lodgings, but I managed to go through the whole evening without killing anyone, so I guess I did good! As usual when it comes to Mrs. Murphy, it was a fabulous evening, and I hope I'll get invited to her "party apartment" again some time!


  1. wonderful outfit:) and it does look like you had a lovely time!

  2. Sounds like fun...you look super, love the outfit and the bra too. What a great space, she's such a great woman too :) I hope she has many more parties in her 'apartment' too :) Have a lovely day doll xx

  3. Miss Meadows you rock that corset to much that I felt my jaw dropping, you look just incredible. So glad that you had such a fun time too, love the idea of the party.


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