Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Licorice Festival 2013

During last year's Licorice Festival I walked around for two and a half days wearing dresses made of latex balloons. This year I was only there for the press show, but my dress was the most extravagant of Maria "The Balloon Princess" Byquist's balloon-dress-creations yet!

It took about one and a half hour of frantic building - directly on my body - for Maria to finish the dress just in time for the doors to open for all the camera-holding press people.

On one side of the front I had transparent balloons Maria had filled with licorice. Even the crown on my head...

Photo: Danielle Bågenholm

...and the bracelet on my arm was made of uninflated balloons with wire in them. Look at the flower!!!

Photo: The Licorice Festival

The dress also had a long, heavy train, with two "wings" behind my back, that made it almost impossible for me to walk around without the help from someone who could hold it up for me. But I heard people saying I looked like a Licorice Dragon Queen, so I guess I should have had two Licorice Pages - preferably shirtless - to look after my train...

Sex-guru and modist Marika Smith was also there, wearing a hat made by herself, which she had decorated with licorice.

Photo: The Licorice Festival

People took pictures and tasted licorice from the press show table until their tongues went black! And after everyone had left Marika helped me undress - by popping all the balloons...

Except for her normal balloon-decorating-jobs, The Ballon Princess has started a project called Balloon Magic that brings the magic of balloons to severely sick children. The project has a Facebook page, and you can follow it here!


  1. This looks like so much fun, I wan to walk around in balloons and licorice!! Although, I'm not a licorice fan, I can pass it along to everyone else for a great cause!! What an event!! You looked marvellous, so cool :)) Am glad it was a success and everyone enjoyed. I love the hat your friend made with licorice on it :)) Have an awesome day darling girl xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Wow! For et flott antrekk!!!!! :D

  3. Miss Meadows, your outfit is absolutely incredible! It's so cool knowing all the talent that went into making this and that you got to wear it, it's much deserved at the same time though, you look so great!


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