Monday, April 08, 2013

Easter Parade - Luxury Champagne And Canapé Soirée

On Good Friday Mr. and Mrs. Bichard had invited some of the finest people in town - me included - to celebrate whatever you feel like Easter is all about. This was the second year in a row this glorious event took place, and I do hope it turns into a real Easter tradition!

The rules were the same as last year; make something for the buffet table, bring whatever you made + a bottle of bubbly, and dress in your finest! Since I have a really sweet tooth, I made brownies, put on a black 50s ball gown, and skipped away to the party like another Easter bunny!

Mrs. Bichard looked like the perfect, elegant hostess!

There was nothing wrong with the boys either...Here are dandies Herr Gottsén - comfortably seated on the lap of Herr H.

Albin had the best piercing-moustache though...

Karin and Velma Voluptuous - ladies with style!

Elegy Ellem tried to scare the guests...

...While me and Ruby Luscious cuddled in a corner.

I had a lovely time, and am very grateful the stomach flu that hit me the next day waited long enough to let me go to this party! Cheers!

All photos by John Paul Bichard!


  1. Hiya doll! What a great time...everyone looks quite dashing as well. It's so nice to know people that love to dress up for these things (or everyday even). I like the 'moustache' like piercing, that is quite clever :) You looked wonderful as always. I hope the flu is away now. Have a gorgeous week x

  2. This event seems awesome Miss Meadows, really glad that you went and had such a great time, hopefully it takes place again next year!


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