Monday, April 01, 2013

The M-Party

My friend, photographer Michael Vincent McCarthy Kellerman, just turned a year older. He and his wife Fanny had organized a birthday party, for which all guests had to dress up as something that begins with the letter "M". I decided to go as the "Morning after". You know, when you fall asleep in your makeup after a night's heavy partying, and then when you wake up the next morning, you run screaming out of the bathroom after seeing your own reflexion in the mirror...

After messing up my makeup, and teasing my hair a bit here and there, I finished off the work of art by tying a condom in my hair. Always wear protection you know!

My feet looked a lot better then my face though, wearing my Frederick's of Hollywood Spring-O-Lators from the 50s! I also wore a lovely red robe from Betty Blue's Loungerie.

The birthday boy himself was dressed up as Mickey Mouse...

...while his gorgeous wife was Minnie Mouse. Love her newest tattooes by the way - made after old bookmarks!

Fanny's brother in law Leo came as a mummy. If you run out of toilet paper, it's always good to have a mummy nearby!

Albin was dressed as Mitch Buchannon. He demonstrated his skills in running down a beach in slow motion, and I have to say I was impressed! Fellow burlesque dancer Ruby Luscious was 80s Madonna. Albin insisted on taking some polaroids of me and Ruby in the bathtub...

Photo: Albin

Photo: Albin

That is what i call classy! And this was before we got drunk! Or...actually, Ruby went to bed early with a sore throat, and I had to take it a bit easy to be able to organize a surprise birthday party for my mom the next day...

One of us got drunk though...Many other fun, crazy, weird "M-people" came to the party, but I didn't get any good pictures of them. Michael put up a big flash in the kitchen, and took some very fine photos of the guests - which I hope never will reach the Intra Net though...


  1. Hahaha...everyone looks fantastic!! Your outfit was brilliant, love the added condom in the hair!! Love all the photos, the bathroom ones are just way funny!! I'm glad a great time was had :)) I hope you have a super Monday doll! xx

  2. I think that you've actually worked the theme brilliantly Miss Meadows although I must say for the morning after a rough night out you are looking damn fine as usual! This party looks like it was so much fun to me!


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