Friday, April 19, 2013

Fabergé Friday

As you might notice, I have skipped the "vintage" in the title of this blog. In the beginning I planned to write more about my love for vintage fashion, but now I have realized this blog is about so many other things I love too. So to not mislead anyone, the name of this blog is now, simply, Miss Meadows' Pearls! But now to today's Fabergé object!

Not only jewelry and objets d'art came out of Fabergé's workshops. He also designed utilitary objects. Like for example the little bellpush I will show you today. It was made by workmaster Johan Victor Aarne, sometime around 1890!

The triangular bellpush is made of wood, enameled with highly translucent pale pink over a guilloché ground that looks like sunbursts. The edge is of gold, and so are the decorative laurel wreaths.

In the center sits the pushbutton, which is made of a circle of chased gold leaves, holding a moonstone.

The bellpush is 2.24'' (5.7 cm) across, and is standing on three gadrooned bun feet. Underneath it still has it's original bakelite under panel. Wouldn't this be perfect to use when you need the butler to bring champagne?!!!


  1. It's beautiful!! So grand and opulent, I love it!! Hello doll...good to be back to read your gorgeous blog once again :))) I hope you've been well! The name change is fine, I think even with vintage in the title, I never really thought of it only being about vintage things, I related it more to you than the blog. And even though it's vintage, it doesn't mean there isn't other things there too. I enjoy all kinds of things. And I don't think a vintage blog has to really be just about vintage, just things you love and enjoy! But, either way...I still love the name, so it's grand with me :))) I hope you have a wonderful weekend my doll <3 <3 <3

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it?! Wish I had one... Welcome to my blog honey! :) xox

  3. This is just gorgeous Miss Meadows, adore these recent non-egg Faberge items!


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