Friday, May 10, 2013

Fabergé Friday

Today I guess the need for letter openers isn't so big, since we usually read our mail on computer screens. Once upon a time though, people wrote letters by hand! Imagine that! So here are a few pictures of one of those letter openers people used back in the day - this one conveniently made by Fabergé. I mean, it is Friday after all!

The blade has been carved out of a single piece of Siberian Jade, and the handle - designed like intertwining batwings - is made of gold, set with cabochon moonstones and two cabochon rubies. 

The letter opener is 7 inches (18 centimeters) long, and it was created by workmaster Mikhail Perchin. On 17th December 1899 it was bought by Dowager Tsarina Maria Feodorovna


  1. I will have it! I still appreciate letters and writing them :) Stationary is wonderful, this would do me just dandy for opening letters. I have a letter opener, but this one is much better :) Gorgeous. Happy Friday doll, I hope you have a wonderful weekend xxx <3

  2. This is amazing Miss Meadows! Honestly in the same thread as Kizzy, letters haven't completely died out, they're not old media just yet although understandably lessened as a personal form of communication since the concept of email. I love this little letter opener so much.


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