Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gianmarco Lorenzi Shoes

Here we go again! I bought new shoes. Oops... But when I did my Shoes!!! post a while ago, and discovered these darlings were on sale on Dondoca's web site, I pretty much told you I would have to get them, so I guess this wasn't really a surprise... Besides, I hadn't gotten new shoes since before Christmas last year, so it felt about time I added to my "little" family of foot-holders. And here they are:

They go by the name The Butterfly Sandal and are made in leather and lacquer by Italian shoe designer Gianmarco Lorenzi. They are from his S/S 2012 collection, so there aren't many left to buy - if you can find them at all - which made me even happier to be able to get my hands - or feet - on a pair in my size!

Even though the heel is 4.7 inches (12,5 centimeters) they're actually really comfortable to walk in. There is a hidden 0.4 inch (1 centimeter) platform, and the front of the shoes is a bit cushioned on the inside. I love the fact that they have straps, which holds my feet still in the shoes and prevents chafing. I really fell for the vintage design in that nude color - which makes your legs look longer - together with the modern purple and neonish pink/red details. Now I just need the perfect event to wear them to!

As I said, there are only a few ones left on Dondoca's web site. So if you feel you might need a pair, this is where I found mine!


  1. Those are lovely doll :) I love the straps and front design, so pretty!! They look wonderful on your feet. I hope you get to feeling better soon doll & the nasty cold leaves for good and the sun shines lots for you :) Have a splendid day :) Xxx

  2. Hey,
    great schoes. In the first picture it looks a bit like you are staying on your toes not on the heels. But the design of the heels is so beautiful :)

  3. On a personal level I love these shoes and think that they look amazing on you Miss Meadows, I can see why you're pleased with them!

  4. Love the gianmarco lorenzi, they look so cute yet chic! Wearing them in spring and summer is a great idea!


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