Monday, May 27, 2013

The Great Gatsby Premiere Party

I'm BAACK!!! But before I tell you what happened in Paris, I'll tell you what happened the week before my little vacation, when I went to the premiere party of the long awaited movie The Great Gatsby. This party took place at Grand Hotel in Stockholm, and I was glad to had gotten invited to this splendid event. Unfortunately though, I didn't have time to actually see the movie before the party... Oh well...

As Gatsby takes place in the 1920s I wanted to style myself in a time-fitting way. I don't have anything from this decade in my closet, so I improvised a bit with a long black dress, black pearls, smoky eyes and finger waves in my hair. I had never tried doing finger waves before, but I remembered my grandma had given me these hair clips a few years ago, that actually were made for the purpose of making finger waves. So I wet the hair closest to my face with water, and then with setting lotion, and then I put in the clips. So in the pic above you can see what the set looked like. This was me on the bus. I have no idea why people stared...

And this is the finished result! I have to say I'm a bit proud of myself - and also very thankful for my grandma's hair clips... In the back I just did a simple chignon.

The party was held at Grand's "Vinterträdgården"  - the "Winter Garden" - which is a magnificent room built in the early 1900s. Here is me working the red carpet.

Here is one of the bars, and me enjoying what they served in that bar. Guess what it was...

Another bar and some very well dressed men in front of it!

Free champagne and several big buffet tables didn't exactly make the evening worse...

...and neither did the entertainment, which came in the form of the girls of Blackbird Burlesque Cabaret! Here are Pepper Potemkin and Miss Diamond doing some solo acts!

Three of the five Blackbirds - Lola van Dyke, Pepper Potemkin, and Contessa Blackbird - enjoying the decadence of champagne and cigarettes before the show - all in matching dresses sponsored by Daisy Dapper!

And here is the amazing car that was parked outside the entrance! Want!!!

Photo: midnight_maitresse

And lastly a picture of me, Fanny, and corset maker Viola Lahger. I really like this photo. It looks like it actually could have been taken in the 20s.

As I think you can guess from the pictures, the party was amazing! I couldn't stay too long though, because the day after I had to get up at the unholy hour of 4 am to go work as an extra in an early 1900s TV show. But more about that another time!


  1. Welcome back my sweetheart!! I can't wait to hear about your time in Paris :)) I love that place. This party looks wonderful & I think you did a marvellous job on your outfit and hair!! The finger rolls came out marvellous. It would have been so much fun to go to. I've not seen the movie either yet, but soon. I wish you a gorgeous week doll xxx

  2. Oh what event! Love it. I really must watch this movie. Love your styling.

  3. I love your outfit for the event and I'm really glad to see that you enjoyed yourself and the movie, seems so fun Miss Meadows.


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