Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Mod Cloth

So, let's talk about affiliate programs. To be an affiliate of a company means that you sign up for their affiliate program, and then use banners and text links on your web site to promote these companies. I am an affiliate of What Katie Did and Mod Cloth. That's why I have placed two banners from them to the right here on my blog. Now IF someone clicks on one of these banners, and end up buying something, I get a small percentage of the total amount that person has shopped for. It doesn't cost the customer anything extra, and, well... I don't get rich on it... BUT if you need something from one of these companies, I of course appreciate it a LOT if you chose to go to their sites through my blog! Need to be able to buy all those Swarovski crystals for my burlesque acts you know...

So, anyway. I only join affiliate programs of companies I really like, and actually shop at myself! Lately I have been perusing the Mod Cloth site, because they have tons of stuff I want!!! Since this post would become extremely long if I showed you everything, I have chosen to only write about my favorite dresses they have online for the moment. I also like the witty names they give all their clothes. So, here we go!

Catamaran Candescence Dress

Anchors A-Sway Dress

Sprig Has Sprung Dress

Nighttime Pool Party Dress

Scenery at Sunset Dress in Forest

Picture Book Perfection Dress

Wizard of Awesome Dress

Either Oar Dress

A Chance to Dance Dress

Tea Time After Time Dress

Front Perch Swing Dress in Black

The Neyla Dress

Primary Texture Dress

Belle of the Bake Sale Dress

Goodnight, Swoon Dress

Perfect Perennial Dress

Isn't She Bubbly Dress

Etherial Girl Dress

Backstage Jitters Dress in Lake 

Whirled of Possibilities Dress 

To go to Mod Cloth, just click on the banner below, or the one I always have placed here to the right, beneath the What Katie Did banner!


  1. I will take all of these, thanks!! I do love Modcloth, they do marvellous things. Haven't bought anything yet, but I really must soon. If I do, I'll be sure to click from your page now ;) Perfect dresses, though not perfect weather for them today here - rain!! Hope your day is drier than mine ;) Enjoy <3 <3

  2. I adore the Belle of the Bake Sale dress and the Pool Party dress Miss Meadows, all of these are just amazing though, hopefully you do make a little money out of these dresses, you deserve it!


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