Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Paris - Part 1

So off to Paris we went, me and my sister, hoping for lovely spring weather so I could skip around in Les Tuileries in my summer dresses! Because of the rainy, cold weather we were met by though, you have to excuse the conformity of my outfits in all the pictures. I did wear different summer dresses, but always with a coat over...

But we did have a really good time, and the relaxing started before we even left Sweden, when we found a Cuban bar at Arlanda Airport!

Our hotel room was small but nice. The walls were far from sound proof though, which made sleeping a bit difficult. I love all these wrought iron railings almost every window in Paris have outside them! Very decorative!

This was my first time in Paris, so I wanted to see the "usual" things people go look at when in this city. These "usual" things are pretty spectacular though - like Notre Dame for example.

Here is my sister, Christine, waiting to dig into lunch - drained cheese with strawberry coulis! To drink wine at lunch seems pretty mandatory in France.

Outside Le Louvre. I really wanted to go in, but since my sister isn't interested in art that much, we escaped from the rain by going shopping on Les Champs-Élysées instead. This was the worst day weather wise. When we came back to the hotel my feet were so wet I could almost pour the rain out of my shoes...

The next day we visited Père Lachaise Cemetery. This was one of the most beautiful, serene places I have ever been to! Many of the graves are made like little private chapels, and I felt like moving into one of them. Knocked on the doors of one, but nobody opened - which was probably for the best... At night this place would be the perfect setting for a horror movie, but it could also be a good place for a romantic photo shoot. I don't think the dead would mind...

One of the people sleeping here is political journalist Victor Noir. He was shot to death in 1870, and the statue that was made for his grave is suppose to depict the moment of his death. This likeness of Monsieur Noir has a very protruding manhood, and it is said that if a woman rubs this, or kisses him and leaves a flower in his hat lying by his feet, it is suppose to bring fertility, luck in love, a good sex life, and in some versions, a husband within the year. The statue has gotten a green layer through the years, but his penis and lips are still very shiny from all the touching. Here is a picture of me doing the rub! Now I'm just waiting to see the results...

Paris isn't called "The City of Romance" for nothing! During our five and a half days there we say about a billion happy couples making out, and three wedding pairs. When we came to the Eiffel Tower the romance hit us too! I've heard incest is ok as long as you keep it in the family...

While waiting for the night, so we could see the tower sparkle in the darkness, we wandered around on Le Champ du Mars, doing normal things like climbing lampposts (my sister did better than me)...

...and trying to take pictures of each other while going up  and down on a seesaw!

And then at ten o'clock, it happened! The Eiffel Tower came alive for a few minutes, glittering like fireworks that never left the ground. I know some Parisians doesn't like this light show, but for me it was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Pure magic! The picture doesn't give justice to it at all though, and if you ever go to Paris you have to go to the Eiffel Tower after dark so you can witness this yourselves!

And with that pretty view I will leave you until tomorrow, when I'll post the second part of what happened in Paris!


  1. Wonderful pictures! And I am so happy I gave you that coat! Or did you buy it? I can't remember...

    I didn't know abot Victor Noir when I was at Père Lachaise, but I think that is for the best since I was there with my husband.

    1. Kommer ihåg att du ville ge mej kappan gratis, men att jag gav dej en hundring för den i alla fall - vilket jag är väldigt glad att jag gjorde med tanke på hur mycket användning jag haft för den! Känns nästan ändå som stöld ;) Tack! Älskar den!

      Jag visste att herr Noir låg nånstanns på Père Lachaise, så vi letade efter honom. Han var svår att hitta bland alla små kapell, men helt plötsligt såg vi ett par fötter som stack fram mellan några andra gravmonument, och så var lyckan gjord! ;) Nu é det bara att vänta och se vad som händer... :D

    2. Hundra kronor är fortfarande mer än jag betalade för den! Och den sitter verkligen som gjuten på dig.

  2. Gorgeous pictures doll, I love love Paris!! Am happy you got to go finally and see too :) This cemetery is one of my favourites, I love the little vaults, the doors look wonderful. There were a few open when I went there, I went in and there were candles and pictures, quite beautiful and romantic for their loved ones gone. Though, in this way, it felt like they may have still been there in spirit. Many famous people buried there as well, I enjoyed finding them. And the tower at night is magical, i love the twinkling lights and all the colours at different times. It's wonderful. Am so glad you had a fun time, if I had been there, we could have gone to see some art ;) I hop you've rest well and are having a great week so far!! Xxxxxxx

  3. Wonderful pictures! :D
    I have to go to Paris! :D

  4. That's one thing I'd never considered about Paris Miss Meadows, the couples, that might make things a little depressing for me haha! Love all these photos though, especially the ones of you and your sister, what a gorgeous pair of ladies, seems so fun!

  5. Interesting post with lots of lovely photos!

    You've shown me a side to Paris that I never knew of.



    1. Thank you honey! Tourist pictures from Paris usually looks a bit the same, so I'm glad me and my sister were able to take some different photos of this lovely city! :) xx


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