Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Burleskloppis 5.0

Last Sunday the fifth Burlesque Flea Market (Burleskloppis) took place in Stockholm. Just as during the last burlesque flea market, I both worked and performed! After sleeping four whole hours after my sister's 30th birthday party, I jumped out of bed (ok that was a lie...I rolled out of bed...) at 5:30 am to get ready for it all. We had to be there early to organize the market space before the sellers arrived - and then all the visitors.

The mastermind behind the burlesque flea market is sex-guru and milliner Marika Smith!

Besides running around like a crazy hen organizing everything, Marika also sold some of her creations. Love the rat-in-the-hat hat to the right! 

Lady Francescca is a master when it comes to creating pasties! She came to sell some of her her amazing nipple-wear, and I feel those red ones would look very good on my boobies...

LOVE Stories - Jenny Drakenlind Photography had set up a studio where visitors could walk in and have their picture taken. I went there and tried on some props - like this moustache! Think it fits me quite well, and am now thinking of growing one for real...

Linda of O.L.D-Obviously Linda Design and Mrs. Murphy were also there to sell their creations. At 3 pm Mrs. Murphy changed into her burlesque alter ego - Miss Diamond - and gave the audience a boobylishious show! After her it was my turn to take the stage. Because of my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) I usually get really shaky from coffee, so I had promised myself I wouldn't drink any before performing! Well...Managed to drink not one but two cups before going on stage...It felt like I had Parkinson's and people must have thought I was really nervous. Haha! I did my Arabian Nights number, which I end by pouring glitter over myself out of an Aladdin lamp. I wasn't allowed to use glitter on this particular stage though, but sequins were fine, so I used tiny golden stars instead. Afterwards I left a trail of those stars behind me. They should thank me for decorating the place...

Alla Tiders Handelsbod (The Shop of All Eras) had brought their café to the market - so I hold them responsible for giving me coffee...They also sell these amazing perfumes that have been made the same way - with the same design on the bottles - since the 1920s...

...and creditcard holders, hand- and pocket mirrors, pillboxes etc with prints of old photos on them. I have one of their pillboxes, with a naked lady on it, and I love it!

Fräulein Frauke (to the left) was there with her husband John Paul Bichard to promote their pinup studio Bichard Studios, where anyone can become a pinup for a day in front of John's camera. Calamity Amelie (to the right) sold some of her lingerie.

I didn't have that much time to walk around to see what everyone was selling, but I managed to buy a pretty hair flower made by Marika Smith herself, a pair of green earrings with golden bows by Bonnie Deluxe...

...and a white, transparent vintage dress from the 60s. I'm usually not so drawn to 60s clothes, but this one I like. It will be perfect for summer! A video - and possibly some pictures - of my performance will be posted another day!


  1. Love Calamity Amelie's booth, I would have spent some money there, how gorgeous is the piece she has on too, love that :))) And your dress is stunning, I don't have many 60's dresses as I usually don't find one that suit me, but yours is gorgeous, love the colour :) Looks like a wonderful event...the mustache looks gorgeous on your too ;) <3 <3 <3

  2. I love the moustache photo Miss Meadows, looking great as per usual! This event seems like so much fun too, awesome it's been going on for five years already!

  3. OMG!!!! I am completely obsessed with this! everything is just so perfect.

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