Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A Night At The Weimar Cabaret

Last Saturday I put on a transparent dress from the 30s, and travelled back in time to enjoy a night at the Weimar Cabaret - which was the theme of Fräulein Frauke Presents this time.

As usual the event took place at Nalen, in the center of Stockholm. We were greeted in the Harlem Lounge by Herr H, who sang German songs...

...and Valkyria Von Tessla, who gave a lovely burlesque performance that showered the audience closest to the stage in glitter. Looks like Dita is watching the show too...

Then the doors opened to the main room, where the big stage is. Conferencière for the evening was Laurie Hagen, who looked very Liza Minnelliyish. I love this girl! The charisma she has in indescribable. She was simply born to be on stage!

Herr H and Fräulein Frauke did a splendid duett, singing the song The Lonely Goatherd from The Sound Of Music, equipped with inflatable sheep and all!

Velma Voluptuous sang German songs while taking her clothes off! Other performers were:

Hedo Luxe, in the shape of a giant lobster, gurgling himself through a whole song!

More Hedo Luxe! This time doing an inflatable-man-strip, ending with squeezing glitter out of his big *beep*...

And Fräulein Frauke herself of course!

Then we danced! Looking like a king in the background is dj Damón Zurawski! When my feet got tired I lied down on a grand piano for a short rest.

Fanny looked amazing in her self-made costume!

And here we have Ruby Lu Scious and her boy toy Albin!

Me and Fabio! I decided to try on his suspenders, while he was still wearing them...While on the dance floor he lifted me up. Then the popular game "throwing of little lady" - aka me - began...again...This time the participants were Fabio, Michael, Albin, Ruby and Fanny, tossing me back and forth between each other. Sometimes being lightweight is a source of fun for other people...I made it out alive though - only to get whipped by Fräulein Frauke...

...here posing with her husband, coproducer of the event, and photographer John Paul Bichard! Used and abused I then licked Fabio a little and we all went home with smiles on our faces. The only thing I'm dying to know now is what theme the next Fräulein Frauke Presents is going to have! Need to start preparing...

All photos by John Paul Bichard! The bottom one snapped by Fabio though...

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  1. The Weimar Caberet looks like a hell of a lot of fun Miss Meadows, I absolutely love the idea and it seems from the photos like there was a whole host of unique and beautiful people there, yourself in the lovely little dress from the 30s included, sounds like such a fun weekend!


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