Monday, March 18, 2013

Viola Lahger

Viola Lahger is the only corset maker in Sweden, and she is good at it too! After being in the business for many years now, she knows how to make a corset that both shapes your body into the perfect hourglass form and is comfortable at the same time.

Last Thursday I had been invited to Miss Lahger's (pictured above) shop in Stockholm, for an evening of bubble drinking, corset trying, glamour learning, and mingling with a whole bunch of lovely ladies...and one man...

She gave us a short lesson in corsets, and demonstrated how to tie one on the best way by lacing up Elle, who's waist shrunk to a great extent, while her boobs seemed to grow - the perks about a well fitting underbust corset!

The fabulous Mrs Murphy was there to give us a lecture in how to bring some glamour into our everyday lives - something we should all try to do now and then to feel good about ourselves. Did you for example know that scientists have proven that the perfect heel-hight in shoes is 2.8'' (7 cm)? When you walk in high heels you wiggle your hips more - whether you think about it or not - and this wiggling actually produces the feel-good substance endorphins in our bodies. It is also the best exercise for the punani muscles! F**k kegels and put on a pair of high heels instead!

Mrs Murphy's bunny slippers. Want!

Viola Lahger makes both ready-made corsets in different sizes - which can still be altered to fit the customer's body perfectly - and figure-sewn corsets made to the client's own measurements and specific ideas and needs.

She also sells beautiful accessories, perfect for both weddings and glamorous parties. Her corsets are worn by both everyday people, brides, and burlesque stars!

Who wants to get married?

Of course we all had to try on a few corsets! Here is Fanny in a black piece that fitted her body perfectly!

Except for all her own corsets, Miss Lahger also sells a few ones from other brands. Like this one for example. I love it, and I want it!...

...And look! It gave me boobs!!!

This was one of my favorites though. Very antique-looking. Feel like doing a shoot in it...

I had a lovely evening - that resulted in quite a few glasses of Freixenet. So before I left I had to go to the ladies room to powder my nose. When I entered the restroom, I was met by this vision. A perfect ending to a perfect night!

Viola Lahger's website can be found here. And of course she exists on Facebook too!


  1. What a gorgeous corsets...I really need to have one made for me, so it fits perfectly! I like the way they look with dresses and such!! You all look very glam and wonderful :) Am glad you had such a fun time!! Fanny looks stunning, it goes with her dress so well :) I hope you have a marvellous week ahead doll!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Wow wow, you guys look absolutely amazing in these corsets, it's obvious that this lady is a wonderful talent, love this post!

  3. Fantastisk vakre korsetter! Takk for tips! :D


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