Monday, March 04, 2013

David LaChapelle

Recently I went to the Museum of Photography in Stockholm, which right now is showing the work of David LaChapelle. LaChapelle started in the 1980s when he began showing his artwork in galleries in NYC. After catching the eye of Andy Warhol, who offered him his first job as a photographer at Interview Magazine, his career just went upwards. Today he is known for his amazing ability in combining a unique hyper-realistic aesthetic with profound social messages.

LaChapelle has worked with a huge amount of celebrities and unique personalities, and his images has grazed some of the biggest fashion magazines. He has also directed a number of music videos, live theatrical events, and documentaries. He finds inspiration in everything from art history and street culture, to the Hawaiian jungle in which he lives.

I really enjoyed walking around at the museum, surrounded by his work. Wishing I could have a few of them at home on my own walls, or being part of his creations myself...

American Jesus: Hold Me, Carry Me Boldly, 2009

Rape Of Africa, 2009

Rebirth Of Venus, 2009

Heaven to Hell, 2009

Naomi Campbell: Houston We Have a Problem, 1999

Lady GaGa: Bubble Dreams, 2009

Thy Kingdom Come, 2009

Intervention, 2003

Drew Barrymore: A Waitress, 1995

What Will You Wear When You're Dead III, 2002

Nuns and Maids: Morning After, 1999

Berlin Stories, 2009

Pamela Anderson: Miracle Tan, 2004

Secretary Story: Copy Machine, 1998



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  1. J'avais vu la superbe expo à l'Hôtel de la Monnaie à Paris. Un catalogue superbe.

  2. These are absolutely AMAZING Miss Meadows, like I love them all so so so much. I'm currently looking at three of them with the idea of one of them being my cover photo on Facebook, they all just look so relevant and yet thought provoking and humorous at times even, absolutely adore these, no wonder this guy caught Andy Warhol's eyes, absolutely intense!

  3. Such amazing and interesting photos. I am captivated! I love that you eat licorice in chocolate, so cool!



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