Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Katerina Plotnikova

Fine Art photographer Katerina Plotnikova describes her work as "another tale about wonderland", and when you look at her photos you understand what she's talking about...As I have said before, I like photos and paintings that make me dream, and this is exactly what Katerina's photos do. They make your mind travel to a mystical and serene country, inhabited by princesses, queens, and woodland creatures. I don't want to just look at these images. I want ti be in them!


  1. These are spectacular, would adore to be in any of her work!! The second and third one make me dream...just love those ones!! I love dreamy photos too, it's wonderful. Have a sweet day doll xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3

  2. These are all absolutely amazing, just love the kind of slight darkness to them, so intricate and beautiful.

  3. Great post!
    Thnx for sharring!
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