Monday, March 11, 2013

Early 20th Century Color Photos

Part of looking at old photograph and feeling they're old, is that they are back and white, and sometimes a bit blurry. As soon as you see color photographies, they seem so much more modern, even if they were taken the same year as the ones in black and white. Vanessa - a friend of mine - sent me a link to a page full of color photos from early 20th century Paris. When looking through them I got the feeling this time wasn't so long ago, and that less than we think has actually changed...

The photos were taken using Autochrome Lumière technology. This method was invented in 1903 by Auguste and Louis Lumière (the Lumière Brothers).


  1. Gorgeous photographs...looks more like looking through a time window than a picture, very cool!! I hope your weekend was bliss doll...have a wonderful week :) xxx

  2. The coolest thing about these is just looking at them and knowing that after all these centuries of existence, these are some of the first photos to be taken in colour, absolutely love all of these, beautiful seeing Paris back then.


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