Friday, March 08, 2013

Fabergé Friday

Today we'll take a look at something more feminine than last Friday - a Fabergé Eternity Brooch, made sometime between 1899 and 1908!

The brooch is designed as an open work plaque, with a collet-set aquamarine set in the middle. The frame around it is made as two interlaced loops, set with rose-cut diamonds. Inside the four loops surrounding the center are four arrows - each set with an old brilliant-cut diamond - representing eternity.

The brooch is 1 1/8 inches (3 cm) wide, and can be bought at Romanov Russia for 65,000 USD.


  1. I love wonderful!! Hiya doll, I hope you had a great week. I'm finally back, I have a cough that likes me too much to leave fully, but lots better now ;) I hope that all is going wonderfully in your world just now!! Have a gorgeous weekend!! <3 xxxx

  2. This is absolutely awesome Miss Meadows! I adore the idea of brooches, there's something Irish about them that is just awesome, I'd love to buy this bad boy but it's probably a little too expensive right now haha.


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