Friday, March 22, 2013

Fabergé Friday

Fabergé didn't just create the bigger Easter Eggs he was so famous for. He also made small egg-pendants, to be worn on a chain as a necklace. Here is one, an Eternity Egg Pendant, made sometime between 1908 and 1907!

This little egg is covered in strawberry-red enamel over a guilloché ground. On both the back and the front sits a gold arrow, decorated with one diamond each.

The hight of the egg is 11/16'' (1,8 cm), and it was made by workmaster Henrik Wigstrom.

It can be bought at Romanov Russia for 14,000 USD.


  1. Ooooh...I want one, this is precious and the colour is marvellous. My daughter would want this as it's red and that is her favourite colour :))) Though for the price, I'd have to sell my soul, hahaha. I showed my husband your photo that you tweeted, haha. Well, he'd have seen it any ways since you follow each other. I said you looked very beautiful & he said I sounded like I had a crush, hahahaha! I said there is nothing wrong with a woman saying another woman looks beautiful! He agreed, so that was the end of it, haha. The body is a work of art & one should never be ashamed of what one has been given is what I say!! This little gem here could be worn in a picture even if we owned it :))) That would be splendid!! I'd have a picture like that too if I could wear this gem, haha. Anyways...have a marvellous Friday & weekend doll, let's hope it warms up for us sick of this cold weather!! I need my spring dresses out now ;) <3 <3 <3 xoxo

  2. These are so cool, I never knew that they actually made earrings in the egg shape as well as the big eggs, how awesome.


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