Wednesday, March 06, 2013

What Katie Did Review

I just realized I have never done a whole post about the fabulous vintage style lingerie brand called What Katie Did! If you have followed this blog you probably recognize the name though. What Katie Did produces lingerie that looks and feels like underpinnings did during the 40s and 50s, and for someone like me - who like to look vintage from the inside out, so to say, I was so glad when I discovered this brand!

The things I will show you here, are items I own myself, but of course they have many other products, in different colors, and different styles. Let's start with corsets, of which I own two from What Katie Did:

The Cabaret Velvet Sophia Corset and the Cabaret Sheer Sophia Corset. As you can see they are both the same design. I loved the first, red one, so much, I decided to get the sheer one in peach in the same style, when I was looking for a good corset to fit into a burlesque number I was working on. All people who wear corsets know they press your body together. But I mean, that's what a corset is supposed to do. These though, are really comfortable in their "squeeziness". They really mold to your body and pulls everything in in an even way, without giving you the discomfort over the ribs or hips, like some other corsets I have tried on do. But now to the garters - or suspenders, as they are called in English english!

Of these I have the Harlow Deep Suspender Belt in peach, with matching panties, and the Maitresse Suspender Belt and the Maitresse Narrow Suspender Belt in black. As I have said before, the right way to wear a garter belt is underneath the panties. I do this with the narrow belt in the bottom picture. The two bigger ones I wear over my panties though, but as they are scooped up in a half-circle in the back, this makes going to "powder my nose" an easy task! They all have six straps - with metal clips - which make them perfect for everyday use, since they are actually able to keep your stockings up, and don't fall off like the four-strapped garter belts with plastic clips that some other brands produce...And now to the stockings!

What Katie Did offers a wide range of both stockings and tights. From modern, stretchy ones that still look vintage, that doesn't hurt your wallet too much, to fully fashioned, non-stretch, stockings made on the same old machines that produced stockings for women back in the day. The ones I use mostly are:

The 15 Denier Contrast Seamed Stockings in nude with black seam. These are non-streach, but made on modern machines, which means they are a bit cheaper than the fully fashioned ones. They both look and feel like vintage stockings though!

The Retro Seamed Stockings, in nude. Even though What Katie Did's stockings hold well if you treat them well (hand wash, good storage, and handled by glove-clad hands while being put on and taken off), I still go through quite a few pairs every year. These ones in the picture above are modern, stretchy stockings, and so come at a very good price - but still with a back-seam! A few of my crinolines and dresses have a tendency to ruin my stockings. So when I wear one of those, these are the stockings I wear underneath! 

Then we have the Fully Fashioned ones - the "real deal" so to say. A bit more expensive, but if you only wear them for special occasions they are well worth their price! What I also like about What Katie Did's stockings is that they all have a fitted heal. This keeps them from twisting into the wrong position on your foot when you walk, and so also makes the seam stay in place!

I also got a pair of the Retro Metallic Seamed Stockings, in nude with gold seam, last Christmas. Perfect for adding some extra sparkles to your legs! They also come in black with silver seams.

So. This concludes my review of the things I have bought from What Katie Did - so far. As they make such good stuff I guess I'll be placing more orders in the future...To see what else they have to offer - and it's a lot - just follow this link! I will not be held in response for any over-shopping though!

All pictures from What Katie Did.


  1. Many of my favourites are WKD, so lovely! :) x

  2. Wowwwwww Miss Meadows, this stuff is absolutely incredible, thanks for giving us this review, they're so sexy and alluring, these items.


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