Thursday, December 15, 2011

All That Glitters...

Today we're gonna look at some things that are so luxurious it's almost ridiculous, but most of us wouldn't mind having just because of that same reason!

First something I spotted on the blog "Glamoursplash":

Looks like gold lingerie, doesn't it? Well, it is gold lingerie!!! This set is part of the "Conversation Piece" line that was created in the mid 50s by Vanity Fair. 

The fabric consists of Vanity Fair nylon tricot that has been impregnated with 24kt gold, and covered with Chantilly lace - so it's still soft and drapable. Not so sure I would want to wear a pair of panties made of only gold. That would probably get a bit uncomfortable after a while...

The set comes with the note of advice above...

...and if you find a piece of lingerie with this note - also in gold - sewn into it, you've found one of the other "Conversation Pieces"! There was also a theatre slip, nightgowns and peignoir sets in this line, so keep a look out for them!

Through the mysterious lady called "LilyOfOpulence" on Twitter, I've found the perfect stockings to wear with the golden lingerie set:

Black stockings with a back seam in either gold or silver, from "What Katie Did"! The good thing about these - at least if you're just looking at the price - is that it's not real gold and silver, and so are a bit more friendly to our bank accounts than the real stuff...

But let's get back to the wallet-breaking things, and take a peek at the bra and panties that broke the Guinness Book of Records as one of the most expensive lingerie pieces ever made!

Every year since 1996 Victoria's Secret has created a new "Fantasy Bra", together with different renowned jewelry designers. This bra is then used as a centerpiece of Victoria's Secret's yearly fashion show, and as the focal point to promote this show. In the year 2000 Gisele Bündchen got to wear the bra - with matching panties - made of red satin, with over 1,300 stones including 300 carats of Thai rubies. Gisele only got to wear it for the photo shoot though. It was never a part of that year's show. I'm not sure why, but it could probably have something to do with the fact that it's worth 15,000,000 dollars!!! 

If you want to see what the "Fantasy Bras" have looked like through the years I suggest you visit "Vixen Lady", who has them all lined up on her blog!

And now for the shoes! And then we all obviously will need a pair from the "Loriblu Luxury Shoe Collection"!

These shoes are studded with real precious stones and gold!

The brand has rolled out two exclusive pairs: one in golden color (pictured above) and the other in purple. The luxury heels are designed by designer Graziano Cuckoo in collaboration with gold jeweler Ponte Vecchio. The limited edition high heeled sandals are made in suede and snake leather with ankle straps studded with diamonds and rubies that can also be worn as an elegant bracelet, separately. These sandals cost 40,130 dollars.

The sandals wil come enclosed in a special trunk, made of soft black leather with gold stitching and closures, and decorated with Swarovski crystals. The limited edition sandals will be officially presented to the public in Loriblu boutiques in Milan and Rome. The new collection will be accessible, on demand, in the online shop Loriblu and boutiques in Rome, Milan, Dubai, Doha, St. Petersburg and St. Benedetto del Tronto.

And lastly, something to drink! "Old Taylor" may not be the most expensive whiskey in the world. Bu this ad from an issue of "Life", 1954, I found on "Why Did We Stop Doing That?", makes it fit well onto this luxury list:

The text states: "Inscribe your decanter gifts in 23 carat gold. With every carton of the Old Talor Presentation Decanter, you will receive a leaf of genuine 23 carat gold. With it you can write your personal greetings directly on the decanter. Old Taylor in the Presentation Decanter costs no more than the standard bottle which is always available." Lavish, ain't it?!

So you see, everything that glitters ain't gold - but a lot sure is!!!


  1. Forget the shoes, I just want the trunk!

  2. All of these are amazing, I know if I was a chick I'd feel uncomfortable wearing things of such value though.

  3. Conversation Piece? WHO are you going to talk to about this? husband/lover? best girl?
    FAB anyway


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