Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I guess I had been nice...

...for Santa was very generous to me! And as I was given Christmas presents I think many of you people who read this blog would be interested in, I'm gonna do a little review of what was in the wrapped boxes with my name on them...

This emerald dress from "Daisy Dapper" I had already tried on for size, so finding it in one of the presents wasn't such a surprise - which didn't mean I wasn't looking forward to finally being able to hang it in my closet though! Really soft, slightly stretchy fabric. Me likes a lot!

Two gifts had been bought at "Kellerman Vintage":

A small, probably rabbit fur, collar, embroidered with pearls...

...and a lovely little evening purse - completely covered in paillettes, sewn on by hand.

Inside the bag I found a small coin-purse, a lipstick, and a little perfume bottle. I've had an eye on this evening bag for a long time - since I have spent quite some time at "Kellerman Vintage" this last year - so I already knew these things were contained in the bag. Fanny told me they had been there when the evening bag arrived at her shop, but that she hadn't had the heart to take them out. They kind of belonged together, telling a little story about the bag's previous owner. Now I have to take them out though, so I can put my own lipstick in there. But the little pieces of history will be saved. I could never throw them away!

My sister gave me a really cool, retro looking kitchen timer, from "Dulton". It can be set at two different times at the same time. So now i can...like...you know...boil two eggs at the same time! Fantastic!

It comes in all kinds of different colors!

As I'm a book-nerd, I always wish for books! This year I got two:

"Burlesque: A Living History", by Jane Briggman...

...and "Vintage Fashion", by Emma Baxter-Wright and Karen Clarkson. 

I also found a Christmas present from my cat underneath the tree. It contained:

Rammstein's album "Rosenrot"!!! I really love my cat!

I hope all of you had a nice Christmas - surrounded by the people you love! Christmas presents may be fun both to give and to get, but in the end "the only thing you'll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return", as Nat King Cole sings!


  1. OMG that is an amazing haul. How can you not have a merry Christmas with pressies like those? I got pressies from my pets too. Happy. :)

  2. You must have been very nice this year Miss Meadows, some of these presents are so damn awesome, you must be so pleased! It's great to see you've had such a bountiful Christmas though, you deserve it!

  3. I know - Santa spoiled me! :) But I don't just get, I give a lot too. Christmas has always meant lots of presents underneath the tree in my family. Even when me and my sister were little, and our parents just made enough money to make everything go around every month, they somehow managed to save up for Christmas... :) xx

  4. You have been a very good girl indeed, those are wonderful pressies!! I am enthralled with the timer, haha! Must get one of those and all the other items are just darling!! I hope you enjoyed with family & loved ones!! xx


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