Thursday, December 22, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Auction

I suppose some of you have heard about the Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Auction. What you might not have heard though, is that this jewelry collection was the most valuable private collection ever offered at an auction, and also became the most valuable sale of jewelry in auction history!

Source: Getty Images

Not only Miss Taylor's jewelry, but also her clothes and artwork was sold during a five-day auction at Christie's, together fetching the incredible sum of 153 million dollars! But it's the jewelry we're gonna take a look at here...Or some of it at least. That woman had some serious gems! 

The Daisy Parure. A suite of diamond, colored diamond and chrysoprase "Reine Marguerite" jewelry, by van Cleef & Arpels.

A Belle Epoque diamond necklace from ca 1900.

La Peregrina. A natural pearl, diamond, ruby and cultured pearl necklace, by Cartier. Designed by Elizabeth Taylor with Al Durante of Cartier.

A suite of diamond emerald and ruby jewelry, by Massoni. This was a gift from Michael Jackson.

The Taj Mahal. An Indian diamond and jade pendant necklace, with a ruby and gold chain, by Cartier.

An antique diamond necklace, from ca 1806.

A paire of antique diamond ear pendants, from ca 1806.

An art deco Egyptian revival diamond and multi gem bracelet, from ca 1925.

The Granny necklace. A diamond, emerald and gold "barquerolles" choker necklace, by van Cleef & Arpels. It's called "The Granny Necklace" because Richard Burton gave it to Elizabeth in 1971, when she became a grandmother. 

A sapphire and diamond sautoir, by Bvlgari.

The Mike Todd diamond tiara. An antique tiara, from ca 1880. This was a gift from Mike Todd, 1957. Seriously, who doesn't need a tiara?!!!

An Art Nouveau enamel and multi-gem butterfly, by Boucheron, from ca 1900.

An emerald, diamond and gold evening box, by David Webb.

A diamond and sapphire flower brooch. 

A turquoise and gold mirror, by Bvlgari.

Two diamond and multi-gem flower brooches.

A suite of diamond, ruby and emerald jewelry, by House of Taylor. 

A set of ruby, sapphire and diamond jewelry, by House of Taylor.

An antique natural pearl and diamond necklace, from ca 1860. This was one of two items that were sold for over 1 million dollars. It ended up costing 1.5 million dollars - it's high estimate was 150,000 dollars though...The second over 1 million dollars item was:

The Burton wedding bands. Two diamond and gold eternity bands. These were given to Miss Taylor by Richard Burton at their weddings in 1964 and 1975. At the auction they were sold for just over 1 million dollars - the high estimate was 8,000 dollars.

Last but not least we have: The Elizabeth Taylor diamond. A ring set with a diamond that weighs approximately 33.19 carats!!! Imagine forgetting that one on the sink in a restaurant's restroom! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

You might think I've shown you everything here, with all these pictures. But not even close!!! There was over 190 pieces of jewelry in Elizabeth Taylor's collection, and in the end everything was sold! Wish a least one..or maybe two...or three, pieces had been sold to me! The rest of the collection you can see here.


  1. This is quite the amazing collection, I love all of this stuff, seems like this auction would be quite the get.

  2. I saw a television report, a magnificent collection for a beautiful woman, best regards.


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