Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Obligatory Cat Post

I've noticed that most bloggers - at least vintage bloggers - have at least one cat. It almost seems like a necessity to now and then include these furry things in the blog pictures. It wouldn't surprise me if Google - and other blog sites - soon will have new bloggers to fill in a "yes I have a cat" box, before allowing them to start a new blog...

So, here comes a whole post dedicated to my  - or, my family's - cat!

Her name is Saga. This word means "fairytale", but can even be used as a name for humans, although it's not that common. My family had another cat - Ida - for eighteen years, before she got sick and we had to take her to the vet...After that we decided to not get a new cat. Two years later, though, in the summer, a little black cat, with a white spot on her chest, started visiting us. She was both scared and famished. Two times we found her sleeping on our previous cat's grave in our back yard...

Then we found out Saga belonged to some neighbors a few houses from ours. They had gone on a trip abroad, bringing their dog, but not their cat! She should have been fed by some girl - who didn't do her job...As we started feeding the little scared black cat, she grew more and more familiar with us, and finally dared to venture into our house. Then one day she simply decided to move in! When a cat moves in, you can't really say anything about it...When the evil neighbors came back to Sweden they agreed that Saga would have a much better life with us, far away from the dog - who obviously didn't go well together with her at all!

Now Saga has lived with us for a bit more than a year. She isn't small anymore. Now she looks like a real cat! She's becoming more and more cuddly, and even dares to purr sometimes. When we first met her she was so small we thought she was an almost grown kitten. It turned out she was eight years old though, just starving...She even had some kittens once. One of them was accidentally killed by her former master when he stepped on it though...

Cats are supposed to behave like divas. It's in their nature, and Saga is fast growing into that role - wanting good food, her place in the sofa, and just enough kisses to not be annoyed, and having to wash - again...

Here she is after only one glass of wine! She can't take the booze...

I guess most cat owners are familiar with "Simon's Cat". If not, here's my favorite "Simon's Cat" video! What I love about these little cartoons is that Simon captures the cats' movements, sounds and behavior so well! If you have a cat, you will recognize this:

And finally - a picture I found on "Lost Splendor". The fine, important gentleman, stopping to say hello to the little cat!


  1. Wow, your cat's actually incredibly cute! What you said about cats acting like divas is true for sure though, great post!

  2. Sweet cat!! I am not a cat person at all, although I did love my husband's parent's cats, although they are no longer with us. After them, I won't ever have a cat, I loved them too much. Will get a bunny instead :) x

  3. A bunny sounds good! As long as the pet is warm and furry it usually works out well ;) My family didn't want to get a new cat after our first one died either - because we loved her so much, and didn't want to replace her. But then this little black figure just decided to move in. What can you do?!...

  4. What a complete cutie! And people who get cats and then neglect them- it makes my blood boil!

    We have five cats, one pitch black, one pure white and 3 tabbys, and one dog- you are never alone at my place... They all go along very well together, expecially Mats who doesn't just likes dogs but LOVES them.

  5. Cute cat! And yes, It's mandatory for every vintage blogger to have at least one cat! Haha! And Simon's cat is awesome :)

  6. Oh, look at the cute pointy ears! The look like little darts in the third picture:).
    If my boyfriend wasn´t allergic to cats (how horrible is that?) I´d get one instantly. And another one, and another one... I love cats, I always have, and I still miss my own stinky cat who passed away 6 years ago.
    It´s their divaness that makes them so great, but the big eyes and the tiny nose are wonderful too :).

  7. Oh, she´s so adrolable!
    I´m such a cat-lady, our little furry friends is probably the most spoiled cat in the universe.

    Good thing you and your family took Saga in! There really should be some kind of drivers licence before getting pets. Some people are really not catownermaterial.

  8. How does one step on a kitten to death by accident?!?!?! That makes me really angry. I have 2 cats now. My house is too small for more : (

    P.S. I also love Simon's Cat. I wish there were more of them!

  9. So cute !
    Yes, I have a cat. Her name is Foujita.

  10. Saga says thank you for all the nice compliments! I told her what all of you said about her, and she purred :)

    Katrin: The next time I go on a date with a boy, I'll make sure to ask him if he's allergic to cats BEFORE we go out! If he is, I'll just stay home by myself and eat ice cream instead... ;)

  11. You're right, all of the vintage style bloggers have cats! Little Saga is so sweet. Her story brought a tear to my eye. I'm glad you saved her. I want to give her a kitty hug :)

    Mabel Time

  12. Love this post! Vilken berättelse med graven och allt. Jag älskar min kisse kan inte förstå att jag en gång varit en hundmänniska, totalt olika sorters förhållningsätt till tillvaron, liksom.
    Och de som har katt och hund? Heeeelt mysteriskt för mig. Det klarnar kanske när jag blivit tillräckligt "upplyst"
    Men vilka människor det finns. Bra att katter är så självständiga och jag är glad att Saga var så klok att hon valde er som sina tvåbeningar.

  13. Ha, ha! Ja, det verkar ju som om befolkningen är uppdelad i "hund-människor" och "katt-människor". De som skaffade Saga verkar va hund-människor som ändå hade en katt - av nån anledning. Jag kan ju säga att även jag är glad att hon valde oss. På nåt sätt känns det lite speciellt at bli "vald" av en katt. De är ju så mystiska djur...Men i min familj dyrkar vi verkligen vår katt. Vi ska va glada att vi får bo i "hennes" hus, om man säger så... ;)

  14. I adore cats but I don't own any one unfortunately! There is a magnificent black cat who often comes in my garden but she doesn't let me get closer to her, when I am at 3m from her she leaves like if I was going to pour water on her!!!

    P.S. I hadn't been on your blog since long, I love it!


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