Friday, December 23, 2011

Fabergé Friday

It's the day before Christmas Eve - the day we celebrate Christmas here in Sweden - so what can fit better than a blog post about Easter eggs?! Or, more exactly, one named the "Rosebud egg" - Imperial Easter Egg number eleven, from the year 1895! This egg was made for Tsar Nicholas II, who gave it to his wife Alexandra Feodorovna.

Made out of red enamel, the egg is then decorated with rows of diamonds, garlands of gold laurel and Cupid's arrows. 

On top sits a miniature of Nicholas II, and in the base, the year of creation is set underneath a diamond.

The egg opens up like a bonbonnière to reveal a yellow-enameled rosebud. Originally the bud contained two surprises of it's own - a miniature replica of the Imperial crown, representing Alexandra's new life as Empress of Russia, and a ruby egg pendant hanging within it. Only the pendant is now to be found though...

Princess Alexandra missed the rose garden of Rosenhöhe, Darmstadt, where she lived before marrying Nicholas and moving to Russia to become it's new Empress. The yellow tea rose was the most valued in the Empress' native Germany, but the climate in St Petersburg was too harsh to grow it there. The "Rosebud egg" was then made to remind her of her beloved roses, at her first Easter with her new husband.

For decades this egg was missing, reputed to have been damaged in a marital dispute. Now though, it has been found, and is part of Christian Thomas Lee's art collection.


  1. That ine is stunning!! Have a wonderful Christmas time with family and loved ones! I hope Santa is good to you ;)xx

  2. That's so awesome, especially with the enhancement that's provided by those arrows, it's absolutely beautiful. Have a great Christmas as well Miss Meadows!

  3. Such a beauty! The tsar really must have wanted his wife to be happy in her new home.

  4. This egg is now in Christian Thomas Lee's art collection. He showed me the egg personally and it holds the small rose necklace inside as well.

  5. Thank you for the information! i'm so glad the rose necklace is in it's right place too! :) xo

  6. I have a similar Red Enamell Bonbonnier which has just been placed with Auctioneers Tennants, does anyone know the value.

    1. But if you have brought your bonbonière to the Auctioneer Tennants they must be able to tell you how much it's worth, right? If you're lucky enough to have one made by Fabergé's work shop it will be worth a lot, but it still won't come near the prices set on the Imperial Easter Eggs - which I'm writing about every Friday. And there is just one of each of those...Good luck with your bonbonière though! xx


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