Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

Up here in the north we celebrate Christmas on the 24th, but usually with a nice family dinner on Christmas Day too. This year Christmas Eve was spent at my parents' house with mom, dad, sister and grandma. The next day my ant was added to the company, so it became a very relaxed celebration.

The night before I had set my waist-long hair in pin curls for the first time. After sleeping in them the curls actually held all day! I don't brush my curls out though. My hair is too long, and just ends up straight if I do that. Instead I just head bang for a few seconds after letting the curls out, to make them "mingle".

This was the result! The feathered hair flower is set with read Swarovski stones, and comes from "Tarina Tarantino".

I wore a dress from "Bettie Page Clothing".

I love the cut-out in the back! My spine-tattoo fits well into it too...

The purple stilettos come from "Milan Fashion Freaks".

My mother wore a lovely dress from "Daisy Dapper".

Saga was for the occasion dressed as an alien...

This year's masterpiece!

The obligatory schnaps - or "nubbe", as we also call it! Christmas was spent like in most families - eating...Some TV was involved too, to give us something to do while digesting the food. Santa obviously liked how I had behaved during the last year, for he was very generous to me. What gifts he bestowed on me I'll tell you more about tomorrow!


  1. Fantastic dress! And I'm impressed with your hair! I have the same problem, even though my hair isn't as long as yours! You look great!

    God Jul til deg og dine :)

  2. Thank you both! xx

    Helene: Hemligheten är läggningsvätska! Jag använder Glimor :)

  3. You and your mother are the picture of elegance! x

  4. It's great to see you guys had what looks like such an awesome Christmas Eve, your hair is incredibly awesome as well! Great photos, looking forward to hearing about Christmas Day as well!


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