Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Evacuation 1940

Earlier I've written about a photographer named John Paul Bichard. During this fall he has been working on a photo project called "Evacuation 1940". The story behind the photo series is based on the fact that in 1940 John's father's parents were evacuated from a little island called Alderney in the Channel Islands, to live out the war in Glasgow in Scotland. On June 23rd the people on this island was told to go to the harbor, where boats were waiting for them to take them on a journey non of them was prepared for. Each family was able to bring only one suitcase on the journey...

The following photos  - with text also by Monsieur Bichard - are the first part of the story. The shooting will continue next spring though. I was able to participate during the photo shoots one day, and I hope I'll be able to join the rest of the group again in the spring. I really love to be a part of bringing visual life to such a special story! I think the best way to see it is through the video John Paul has put together with the pictures and their texts, so you can watch it on full screen - compared to the small pictures I can put up on my blog. It's made on Vimeo though, and I can only upload clips from YouTube on this blog - obviously...So I'll give you a link to follow. Here we go! The Evacuation 1940 begins...

Vimeo link

To be continued...


  1. Very interesting!! I enjoyed this and look forward to the rest!! I live not too far from Glasgow :) Enjoyed learning and watching!! x

  2. That's an excellent story so his material must be equally as excellent as well, I'm going to have to check this out!


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