Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2013/2014

As I said yesterday, I will dedicate three whole posts to Dolce & Gabbana's F/W 2013/2014 Mosaic Collection - simply because I really like it, and hope you will too! Yesterday we looked at the bags from this collection, and today we'll take a peek at some of my favorites among the collection's amazing outfits. Tomorrow - jewelry...


  1. The models here are all gorgeous as a side note, absolutely love the dresses as well, it's been a very successful fashion week by the looks of this.

  2. This has to be my all time favourite collection. What I wouldn't give for just one piece...and a purse!

  3. This collection is amazing :)
    I love it :)

  4. Gorgeous, would be like being a queen for the time. Very elegant and grand xx


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