Monday, July 29, 2013

Out And About With Friends

Last Thursday me, Fanny, and Michael, went out for dinner with the lovely milliner Zara (whom I did a post on here), her Swedish fiancé, Rikard, and a bunch of other English people who had come to Sweden for Zara's and Rikard's wedding the Saturday after. 

We went to a pub called Akkurat, that serves the best moules marinières ever!!! 

I don't often shop at H&M, but the same week I had bought a new ring there I really like, so it felt like a good evening to premiere it!

I wore a vintage 50s dress from Rococo Vintage, and Fanny looked elegantly cute in a playsuit. Here we are standing in the middle of the cool light installation we always pass on out way home. In the picture above you can see shining feet, and in the background fish...

...But there are also stars and butterflies...

...and hearts - here shining brightly on Michael! We had a lovely evening, meeting both old and new friends, and I'm pretty sure Zara and Rikard have found the perfect partner in each other. Cheers to love!!!


  1. This seems like so much fun and it's great to hear that you had such a good time out and that Zara and her new husband are a perfect match! I love the ring too, possibly the best ring I've ever seen.

  2. That's wonderful. What a grand evening. I love the lights on the ground in shapes, so perfect!! You look marvellous doll :)) I hope your week is as grand as the night was Xxxx

  3. You look fabulous! It also looks like you had a fabulous time. I never go out at night with friends any more...I think it might just be time to do it!

  4. I almost haven't been out at all this summer either, and I was SO close to staying home on this evening. Tired from work, and having to get up early the next day too you know... But my friends pulled me with them, and of course I had a really good time! The difficult part is actually getting out of the house when you're tired. Once you're out, it usually makes you feel a lot better though! :) xox


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