Wednesday, July 24, 2013

John William Godward

John William Godward (August 9, 1861 - December 13, 1922) was an English painter from the late Pre-Raphaelite/Neo-Classicist era. His work often feature women in Classical dress, semi-nude, or completely nude. Godward studied architecture and dress to be able to meticulously render everything in his paintings in a realistic way. His style wasn't liked at all by new artists like Picasso, and when Godard committed suicide at the age of 61, it is said that he on his suicide note wrote; "the world was not big enough", for both him and Picasso...

I love his paintings though! The vibrant colors, the soft shapes, and the way the fabric flows over these beautiful women's bodies. They all look so relaxed and dreamy...

The Tease


The Delphic Oracle

Sweet Nothings

Girl In Yellow Drapery

The Toilette


In The Tepidarium



To see Godward's compete works go here!


  1. He's one of my favourites...I adore his paintings of women, they looked so real and in proper shapes too. As much as I like Picasso as well, I would have rather had one of his paintings than a Picasso..such a shame he killed himself in such a sad. Stunning post doll <3 Have a marvellous day xxx

  2. These paintings are so beautiful Miss Meadows and I genuinely mean that I would love to have one of these, the female body is a beautiful thing and he shows that off in such an amazing way that I can't help but adore these, just incredible work.

  3. Pre-Raphaelite painters...I liked all of those I have came across, but I haven't heard about this guy (or perchance I just forgot) but looking at these painting I feel really moved and inspired...what a great painter...he makes women look divine, powerful and at the same time real...amazing, amazing...perhaps just time wasn't right for him...

    Great post, dear!


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