Wednesday, July 10, 2013

...Moving In

So, yesterday I told you that I finally was able to move away from my parent's house, and back to my beloved Stockholm, where I will rent a room in my best friend's apartment.

My new landlord and landlady had prepared my room for me. They even repainted the walls, and Fanny had put jasmine flowers on my nightstand! The room was already furnished, so the only "furniture" I brought was my big mirror, and the lamp in the picture above which I had just found in a thrift store. It matches my red curtains perfectly, and when it's dark it gives off a very cosy, red light!

Morris quickly found his place in my bed...

...and Milfred moved into my lingerie drawer!

I'm also sharing the house with Fanny's two leopard geckos - Tyra (skinny tail) and Lizzie (fat tail)...

...and their food. Mmmmm, yummy...

We celebrated my arrival with sushi, Dawn of the Dead, and champagne. Of course Milfred had to taste some too. Goddamn alcoholic mink!!!

The only sad part of the day was that my grandmother decided to die around an hour after I had arrived to my new den, so I guess you could say we both moved that day... She became almost 96 years old, and was a really cool, strong lady. Now she's probably dancing around in the heavenly ballroom, young and dressed in a wonderful 40s gown! Love you grandma! See you in the future!


  1. Sad to hear about your grandmother.

    But really good to hear that you have moved to Stockholm! And the geckos are so cute. Makes me miss my brothers gecko (we called her Leia).

  2. This is just amazing Miss Meadows, so pleased to hear that you've moved in and everything has gone well. With that said I'm really sad and sorry to hear about your darling grandmother although maybe I shouldn't be sad at all. It's obvious that she lived an absolutely incredible life and just like my grandmother this year it was maybe time for her to go. Not many people are strong enough to live past 95 so that says it all about her strength, still so sorry to hear about her passing though, like with my grandma she's probably having the bloody time of her life right now! We'll see them some day again, and that'll be such a sweet moment, sorry for your loss though.

  3. I'm very siorry for your loss!

    And I hope you will enjoy your new home and work!

  4. Am very happy for you doll. The new room looks amazing, love that lamp!! So sorry to hear about your Grandmother passing. She is now with my grandmother, I am sure they are having a good old time together and sharing gossip about us two ;) I miss my Grandmother so much, but I know I'll see her again soon & you will your's as well :)) Then we will have a giant party and dance together :)))) Now is your time to spread your wings and fly high, your Grandmother will be watching over you :))) Hugs and great great love from me to you <3 <3 <3


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