Monday, July 15, 2013

Picnic In The Park

Some days ago me and my sister decided to have a picnic in a park called Rolambshovsparken. It's a beautiful and very popular hangout during warm summer days.

I wore a 50s style dress designed by Bernie Dexter that I bought as a Valentine's gift to myself in February, but haven't worn yet. It's called the Amour and More Dress in Plaid, and I found it at Mod Cloth.

Rolambshovsparken is full of green grass and trees, and has a lovely view out over the water. The weather was perfect, and after buying salads, chocolates, and a box of rosé wine we sat down on my newly acquired picnic blanket - me in the shade, and my sister in the sun.

When my sister had to leave two Italians and one Frenchman arrived instead. They demanded ice cream, so ice cream we got!

When we started to get hungry we went home to Ciara's - the Italian girl's - apartment, where she has a whole room dedicated to her shoes!

Then we had dinner on the terrace on top of the apartment building, where we had an amazing view over Stockholm in all four directions. A perfect day with a perfect ending!


  1. Sounds marvellous! You look gorgeous doll, love this dress, it suits you perfectly!! I hope you have a gorgeous week ahead!! <3 <3

  2. Miss Meadows you always look gorgeous in your dresses but this is possibly the best outfit post I've seen of you in the longest time, possibly ever, you look incredible and like Doll says just perfect for the picnic, so beautiful, drop dead gorgeous in fact!


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