Monday, July 08, 2013

Moving Out...

As some of you might know, I've had a seven year long pain problem, which has made it impossible for me to have a full time job, or even move away from my parent's house, since I needed help with a lot of things. Now though, I'm pain free enough to do those things! I just got a full time job, which I will start today, and last week I moved into a room in my best friend Fanny's and her husband Michael's apartment. A lot of people share apartments in Stockholm, or live in second hand apartments, so until I can find (and afford) a place of my own I will be residing in the "Kellerman Mansion"!

So this was my moving out outfit - a mint green playsuit I got in Paris, and leopard ballerinas!

The hummingbird-earrings I aso bought somewhere in Paris, and my 50s style sunglasses I got in a goodiebag once. There was no tag on them though, so I have no idea who to credit them to. Remember that people; if you give away stuff in goodiebags, put a tag on it!!! That's what goodiebags are for you know... The super-pink lipstick I've had a really long time - from Nivea.

The summer I turned fourteen my family moved from Stockholm to a town one hour north of the capital, so it felt great to move back to my city! My dad was kind enough to drive me and all my stuff to my new residence. The car was packed to the max (but I still have more stuff to get some other time), and on top of everything we put my big mirror. As you can see in the picture above, Morris made sure it didn't break during the car ride.

Milfred the Mink was really excited...

...until he got carsick...

After a short nap on my lap, he was fine though, and wanted to help drive the car! He doesn't really have a drivers license, so we just let him drive for a little while, and we all arrived safely to by new crib. But more about that tomorrow!


  1. Wow Miss Meadows, congratulations on finally getting to move out! I understand how frustrating it must have been to live the way you lived because of your pain but now things are improving in your life you're getting the chance and I'm so happy for you, this has been a long time coming. You look great as well, as usual though!

  2. Congrats doll, that is wonderful and I am happy you are better enough to do it!! I hope this will continue to improve your life even more :))) You look gorgeous. I hope you have a stunning week xx


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