Wednesday, August 28, 2013

15 Years With Rocky

Some of you might be familiar with the comic strip Rocky, written by Martin Kellerman - who happens to be the brother of my landlady Fanny. Last week Martin held an event to celebrate fifteen whole years of writing Rocky! It always amazes me how comic strip artists can come up with new things to write all the time, and then to be able to do it for fifteen years...

I threw on a vintage, 50s dress, and skipped away to the event in the company of Michael. His wife Fanny joined us later.

The party was held at Häktet's outside bar, situated in a closed-in yard in the middle of Stockholm. Very cozy!

Here is Martin Kellerma himself! Signing copies of some of his collected work through the years.

The best clutch of the evening looked like an old newspaper, and was owned by Tia!


Now Rocky also has his own wine! I tried the red one at the event, and it tasted just fine!


  1. That's so cool :) You looked marvellous, really gorgeous dress. Am glad everyone had a wonderful time. Superb comic too :)) Have a sweet day doll <3 xxxx

  2. I love your dress Miss Meadows, you look amazing! I'd never heard of Rocky before but 15 years is an incredible and amazing achievement in that business and I'm glad they celebrated it in style, I can't believe they've got their own wine now though, that's so awesome!


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