Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A New Skirt, And Puma Photobombing

As I wrote about a month ago, I just started working at the new Scandinavian branch of a company called Elevate. Last Thursday though, my lovely boss here in Sweden came into the office and told us she had gotten a sad mail from the highest boss in England. Since he had done no research about the Swedish market before starting up the office over here, and obviously don't understand that doing business in Sweden during the summer months is very difficult, since we all take out around four weeks of vacation this time of year, and so leave the offices pretty empty, he decided to chicken out and file for bankruptcy. Had he waited until fall, I think things would have gone much better, but since he seems to be a coward (I worked there a month, and he didn't even send me a mail welcoming me, or asking how I felt about working there...) he decided to get rid of the office in Sweden, and so leave us without jobs and incomes without even telling us about his plans at least a week ahead, so we could start looking for other jobs. That is what I call an inconsiderate asshole! At least I'm considerate enough not to mention him by his name here on my little blog...

But anyway, screw that, and lets turn our attention to a skirt and a cat instead!

One day when I came home from work, Fanny had cleaned out her closet - again - and created a whole pile of lovely things she was going to sell on ebay. I went through this pile, and ended up buying two skirts, a black 40s dress, and a floor-length black velvet antique cape with a hood! I like home shopping! The butterfly-skirt in the pictures above was one of the things that moved from Fanny's closet, to my closet - in the same apartment... The frilly top I can't remember where I got, but I've had it for ages! As you can see, Puma decided to photobomb every photo I tried to take of this outfit. So since she likes to be the focus of attention so much, here are two more pictures of the Cuddle Monster:


  1. Hahaha awww Puma is so adorable Miss Meadows, such a funny few photobombing photos, you look great as well, I absolutely love your news skirt!

  2. What an ass!! That's really inconsiderate and rude. I can't believe anyone would be so un-professional. I hope something works out for you doll. This skirt is gorgeous, am glad you snapped it up and the top goes perfectly with it too. Hahaha..the cat, I like in the last photo with you, she decides to show her kitty backside to the camera, priceless!! Made me laugh :))) These are wonderful pictures, you look stunning as always. I hope you have a super day Xxxx


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