Saturday, August 03, 2013

Fabergé Friday - On a Saturday...

Been away from my computer for two days, and since I forgot to schedule this Friday's Fabergé post - here it comes on a Saturday instead!

I found another lovely Fabergé brooch. So today's post will be about that one - made around the year 1900, by workmaster August Holmström!

The brooch is made of a diamond shaped cabochon garnet, set within a white gold frame. The whole frame, and the bowknot adorning it, is set with diamonds. The width of the brooch is 1 1/8'' (2.9 cm), and it's hight is 3/4'' (1.9 cm).

The price of it is 19,500 USD, and it can be bought here!


  1. It's stunning doll, love that!! The purple colour is so gorgeous!! I hope you are doing well & send you big hugs and love. Have a marvellous weekend xx <3

  2. Love this antique Miss Meadows, looks just beautiful. I heard somebody I knew mention a Faberge egg the other day and nearly had to stop myself from squealing in relating excitement haha!


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