Monday, August 26, 2013

Fredrik Gille

When you work as a model, you get to see the work of a lot of photographers. And the more you see, the easier it gets to sort out the good ones from the bad ones. And believe me, it's frightening to see how many people out there think they can just pick up a camera, take a few pictures, get a web site, and then call themselves photographers... Don't get me wrong here though. Photography is a wonderful thing, and it's nice to see so many people are interested in it. But if you want to become a "real" photographer, please learn how to do it, practice a lot, and try to understand that the world looks different looking at it with your eyes from looking at it through the lens of a camera... But of course we all like different things, so just because I, for example, think something looks really bad, it might look good to somebody else. I'm not trying to be an "all knower" here...

Sometimes you come across one of the really good ones though. I just met one of them, and his name is Fredrik Gille. He works as a freelance drummer, traveling around the world, playing with people who needs his rhythm. During his travels he also takes pictures of people and places, and this post will be about his pictures. So, without babbling any more, here are some of my favorites. I hope you appreciate them as much as I do...

Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Small village in the Mekong delta, Vietnam.

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey.

Children looking from the slum on their wealthy neighbors. The Koreil slum in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is the largest slum in the capital city and is home to more than 40.000 people. Just on the other side of the small lake is the wealthy neighborhood Gulshan.

Children in a small school in the Korail slum, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The school was established by Mr. Aminul Hoque "Babul", who himself grew up in the slum, and is part of the Glory Friendship Social Welfare network. 

Tea maker in Algeria Sahara. Tamanrasset, Algeria. 

Hanoi, Vietnam.

Egyptian dancer Mohammed Shafik.

Canadian dancer Leon Feizo-Gas.

Los Andes, Bolivia.

If you want to see more, visit Fredrik's web site, or his Facebook page - which is were I got all the photos and picture information for this post.


  1. Happy Monday sweets! These are beautiful...they're the kind of photographs that I adore :))) Catching real life and the emotions that come with them to translate to the viewer. The one of the hands is a favourite. I think people can be very good photographers and can sell things and all that, but they're not always great photographers, the ones that get into the soul of what they see, they don't connect or become a part of what they see. That's real photography to me. I don't care if the photograph is superbly taken, if I don't connect with it or feel something from it, then it's just not a great photo to me, these are most definitely the ones I connect with :) Have a wonderful week ahead doll Xxxxx

  2. I guess it really depends in what way you share the photos when you're not that good. Like if you're outright trying to pretend to be a professional photographer just by using the filter on Instagram or something then you're doing it wrong but so long as your humble I don't mind. This guy has no need to be humble though because these photos have been breath takingly good, absolutely incredible.

  3. What stunning photographs! He sure does have some talent.

    I think you can be an extremely skilled technical photographer and not have the "eye" to actually capture things well, to bring out their natural beauty, to tell a story. Then you can be a shit technical photographer and still capture amazing images because you just know when to hit the shutter.

    That being said - (as someone who ran her own photography business for years) people with no skill, no technical knowledge and no eye (but I have a DSLR and a website filled with my kids/friends pictures - I must be a photographer) really peeved me off. Especially when people would go to them and then come to me and complain that my prices weren't as cheap as theirs (while at the same time complaining their photos were crap).


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