Friday, August 09, 2013

Fabergé Friday

For some reason I really like this Friday's Fabergé egg pendant! It was made by workmaster Alfred Thielemann, sometime between the years 1908-1917!

This little gold egg is covered in opalescent, translucent cream enamel. On one sides sits a gold-framed ruby. The hight of the egg is 7/8'' (2.2 cm), and the price of it is 12,500 USD. (PS. My birthday is coming up soon. *Hint* *Hint*...).

You can buy it for me here!


  1. It's wonderful. Love rubies too :)) It would be perfect on you. I think we should turn into cat burglars and go get it for your birthday ;D They would never see us coming!! My birthday is a bit after yours, so it would be ok to swipe it as a treat ;) haha!! Have a gorgeous Friday doll & weekend after <3 xxxxx

  2. This is just beautiful and it's great to see something in the very traditional egg style once again, just like Doll I love the rubies in specific!


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