Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Full Moon

And so, yesterday night, my second grandma passed away too... With all the shit that's been happening in my life this summer, I almost long for fall to come... But the moon doesn't care about what happens down here on Earth. She will still continue grow full once every month, spreading her soothing light over us. I think that's a comforting thought. Something secure to hold on to... And for this month's Full Moon post I have chosen a very sad, but still very beautiful piece of music - Mozart's Lacrimosa, from his Requiem.


  1. Oooh sad indeed. Very sorry to hear this news...I suppose now she is dancing away too where no more bad things can harm her. Every time the moon shines, you can think of her. BIG hugs and lots of love to you sweetheart <3 xxxx

  2. This is just incredible Miss Meadows, I love this piece but obviously I can't enjoy it because of this tragic and terrible news. I am so sorry for your loss, two grandmothers in such a short period of time is terrible, so sorry.


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