Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Viola Lahger

Sweden's own Corset Queen, Viola Lahger, is selling out some of her stock, to make room for new things! Thursday September 5th is the day to visit her shop and go home with a few new corsets - at greatly reduced prices! If you don't happen to be in Stockholm that day, you can at least enjoy the pictures below, which are the latest photos to show off Mrs Lahger's work.

The link to the event, with more info on exactly when and where this sale will be, you can find here!

Photographer: Robert Mosbach
Assistant: Elle Cleo Mosbach


  1. What a shame I am not closer to go and see the sale...and it's on my birthday as well, I could have treated myself :) These photos are gorgeous anyways...I've seen one of them before, she's quite stunning!! I hope you get to go and have a grand time :))) Xxxxxx

  2. These photos are incredible, that lady is just beautiful, I love all of these photos Miss Meadows!


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