Monday, August 05, 2013


As you might already know, my beloved grandma - Birgit - passed away on July 4th this year. In November she was going to turn 96, so even though it's incredibly sad she's gone, I'm just grateful we got to have her in our lives for as long as we did.

Grandma was always very stylish, and she loved to see me wear clothes from the 40s and 50s. Every time she visited us, I had to show her what I was wearing before leaving the house, and seeing my dresses she remembered things she had worn herself back in the days when the vintage clothes I treasure so much today, were actually created. So for her funeral I didn't want to wear the usual black. Instead I chose a pretty 50s dress I know she loved, paired with vintage transparent gloves...

...and a 50s half-hat made of fabric Lilies of the Valley - both her and my favorite flower!

Except from a shared interest in old, beautiful clothes, me and granny also shared the love of dancing 
and being on stage. Here she's performing an act called Jitterbug together with a man named Jeddy, but called Gäddan (The Pike Fish) at a cabaret in Norrtälje, in 1946.

A few years ago my mother got a tattoo of her mom done on her upper arm. Granny thought this was a bit silly, but I know she really liked it too. Haha! Except for being one of the strongest women I have ever met - one of her many sayings was: "If it doesn't work, it works anyway" - she she was also one of the funnest, wittiest persons I have ever known. Her tongue could be very sharp sometimes, and she always found a clever response when someone said something stupid to her. Like for example: grandma was very tall and statuesque, something that women shouldn't be back in the day when she was young. Once a man asked her "what it feels up there, where you can feel the angel's farts", well, granny retorted, "a lot better than down there, where you can feel the stench of the shit on the ground". Haha!!!

I love you grandma, and I can't wait to see you - and dance with you - again in the future!


  1. Your granny sounds awesome and I bet she would have been thrilled with what you wore. My grans last request was everyone wear bright colours to her funeral and it was such a tribute to her (she always wore the brightest colours). ((((hugs))))

  2. This was beautiful doll!! I know she'll be very pleased to see such a post. You looked beautiful, I love this dress and all. I think it was more suitable to wear it as you were doing it for her. Celebrating her life & it wasn't black, but full of love and happiness. I'm glad you two shared such a bond. That can never be broken and I know she'll be warming your place for you too. And no doubt chatting to my Grandmother who sounds a lot like your grandmother, so I bet they are having a grand time. And we'll see them one day again. But, now we live and do good things as tribute to the good things they brought to us!!! BIG hugs and love to you my dear <3 <3 xxxxxxxxxx <3 <3

  3. Awwww this is just the perfect tribute post Miss Meadows, I lost my wee granny this year too and it stings even though you know that they lived wonderfully long and fulfilling lives. I am pleased you wore bright colours to celebrate her life because it sounds like it was a life seriously worth celebrating, I'm sad she's gone but so glad she was in your life. What an amazing lady, 96 is some age to reach.

  4. This was a very touching post & I really felt your grandma's humor. :) Although she is not physically with us she will never be apart from us in spirit. And I know she's saving you a dance in Heaven. Xo

  5. Thank you for your sweet comments! The funeral day was both sad and beautiful, but I know grandma is living it up in Heaven right now! :) xox


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