Monday, August 12, 2013

A Re-Found Dress And A Puma

Photo: Michael Vincent McCarthy Kellerman

One of those days when I had nothing to wear, I re-discovered this light blue one with small, white polkadots. I made it a few years ago, after a vintage pattern from the 50s, and since I've only worn it about two times since then, I thought it was a good idea to let it have a day out in the sun - or in the office... - again! Something else I discovered when coming back home from my funeral-weekend, was that a litter box had been placed in the bathroom. And where there's a litter box, there is usually a CAT! So I looked around in the apartment, and found this: 

This is Fanny's sister's cat Puma. She's staying with us for a few days, and since I've met her before, I'm glad she's back! 

As I'm a crazy cat lady, I have met many cats in my life. But Puma is seriously the cuddliest one I have ever come in contact with! Since she feels I like her, she likes me too. As soon as I look at her, she starts purring, and she follows me around the apartment wherever I go. In the picture above she's "helping" me editing photos for a blog post.

Here she's guarding my precious vintage clothes! When she's not "working" she usually just tries to look as cute as possible - to get as many cuddles as possible...

If I haven't payed her enough attention - for about two seconds - she usually lies down on the floor, on her back, to show me how adorable she is...

Puma is also very interested in lizards. Here she's examining Tyra, one of Fanny's two leopard geckos. Right now though, she's lying beside my computer - purring like an engine. So I guess I'd better give her what she wants - my full attention! I hope she lets me sleep tonight though. Last night she was snoring like a human being...


  1. Hiya doll, gorgeous dress, so nice on you :)) It's great to find things in one's own closet :) I'm not much of a cat person, I've only ever liked two cats in my life. But, this one is sweet and cuddly. And how I think cats should be, big and fluffy. So, I would most likely let this one into my selective group of cats that I have liked. So sweet. I hope you have a sweet day Xxx

  2. lovely vintage dress...and puma is the sweetest cat!so adorable!

  3. Puma is just adorable, these photos have made me seriously grin, like Doll I'm picky with cats but Puma looks so cool! I love your dress too, you look incredible!


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