Monday, October 24, 2011

Chocolates anyone?

A lot of people find Mondays the most boring day of the week, so here comes something to cheer you up - chocolates! I happened to come across something a few weeks ago when I was doing my PR-class homework - "United Indecent Pleasures". The name sounded...well...interesting, and this is what I saw when I entered their home page...

...Chocolate penises! And the text on the first page says:

Sex & Chocolates

Created with the most indecent intentions, our first work invites you to sin exceedingly with the union of two ancestral pleasures: sex and chocolate.

For starters we offer you an exclusive creation, an orgasmic chocolate cock: A large truffle made with Ghanian cocoa filled with soft and perverse fluids that can ooze over anything you like.

You can chose between six different fillings:
  • Fresh mint fondant
  • Valencia orange fondant
  • Williams pear liqueur fondant
  • Mozart liqueur fondant
  • Cointreau liqueur fondant
  • Irish coffee liqueur fondant

Well that was all for today. Hope your Monday became a bit more interesting...


  1. That was my exact reaction when I found this too :)

  2. Yay, chocolate penises!...Wait, what?

    So, this one comes in natural size? Wouldn´t that make at least 200 grams of chocolate filled with stuff? Who´s supposed to eat that without feeling sick after it? And which man would like to see someone bite off a piece of that? So many questions...

  3. I looked at those photos for a while and it took me ages to finally realise what they were! I'm the same here, all I can say is wow!

  4. Good questions :) It says in comes in the size 8 inches, so I guess you'd be pretty full after eating one of those. Or maybe you could just eat a bit, cover it with some plastic and keep it for later. If someone asks what that brown thing standing in a corner somewhere is, you can always answer: "It's a half eaten chocolate penis"...Ha, ha! ;)

  5. OMG! :)

    Thanks for stopping by!


  6. 8 inches of chocolate sounds too good to be true!

  7. Hahaha! The day became more interesting, indeed!

  8. hahah I feel like that would be a very awkward snack to pull out of one's lunch bag/drawer at the office... It certainly would be a topic of conversation, I suppose.


  9. Haha this made me laugh out loud!! Pretty awesome.

    Mabel Time


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