Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ghosts of the Past

On this last day before Halloween we will get into the right spirit even more - with vintage ghost photos!!! Oooooo! Scary...




c. 1876

c. 1920

c. 1922


A lot of the time I think these old black and white ghost photos are a lot scarier than modern ones. It doesn't matter how "good" the photo looks - and today there's a lot you can do with photoshop and other computerized stuff - these old ones makes me feel more uneasy...Some of the photos above have obviously been staged, but a few look more "authentic" - or whatever you should call it. Like the one where you can see a child, or a woman, in the window...

I have never met a ghost myself, but I've heard stories from other family members who say they have. Everything in this world is built up of energy. If someone dies - especially if it's a violent death - then maybe some of the energy the dying person releases at the moment of death gets stuck here in this world...Who knows?...


  1. Brilliant pictures, I don't believe in ghosts but I do get caught up in these kind of things! x

  2. J'adooore ce post ! Il est d'actualité en +. Ahhhh l'époque où on découvrait les mystères de la photos et où en usait pour des effets fantastiques !!
    Vive la photographie argentique !!! ;-)
    Merci pour ce petit voyage dans le temps

  3. These kind of photos creep me out so much yet I still can't get enough of them. Nice post!

  4. I also get very caught up in these kind of photos. Even tho they creep me out I just HAVE to look at them! The wonders of the camera! :)

  5. These pictures are amazing! I'm a big fan of anything paranormal. So eerie :)


  6. Wow, truly truly beautiful! Love the style, and these pics are magnificent !

    The Eye


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