Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New boots

Isn't it lovely when a man arrives at your door, with a present in his hands?!...Ok, I might look at this through rose colored glasses slightly. In reality the man was the post man, and the present was a delivery from Miss L Fire, ordered by myself...But I was quite exited anyway! I have been looking for some nice winter boots that looks like they could have been made in the 40s or 50s, for some time now. Then a few weeks ago when I bought the shoes (called "Clara") below - also by Miss L Fire - at a store called Sivletto, I remembered to check out her Internet page again.

Except for point shoes, I have never ordered shoes online before. My feet are a bit weird, and I like to be able to try the shoes on before I buy them. But feeling how comfortable the green shoes I already had from this brand were, I decided to give it a go! And this is what I ordered: 

My new winter buddies - perfect heel hight, and lined with sheepskin! They're called "Lauren", fit perfectly, and feel very comfortable! I wouldn't be afraid to order more shoes from Miss L Fire. If both these pairs fit me so well, there's a big chance the rest of the shoes will too. This might be a bit dangerous though...If I get a bit too drunk one night, I have to stay away from computers so I don't order every pair she has on her web site...Here comes a few of my favorites from the A/W 2011 collection.


"Cherry Bomb"




See?! This could get difficult. Note to self: Remember to ask someone to hide computer before opening wine bottle...


  1. These are all lovely. I can see why this would be a very tough decision. Stay away from the browsing when you're drinking from now on! :)

  2. I will...I think... ;) Come to think of it, I had actually had a couple of glasses of wine when I ordered these boots...Oooops! :)

  3. Ooh! The cherry bomb! And the Nancy! I have to take a look at that website now!

  4. så himla fina de du köpte är!!!

  5. I would like a pair of boots like yours for the winter, but am worried I'd kill myself on the ice! Any of these shoes would be fabulous to own, though!

  6. 'Nancy Nancy you are calling my name!! Those are the best line of shoes I've seen in a very long time!! I was just looking at shoes the other day & thinking none of these will go with my vintage/vintage looking dresses..and those green shoes at the in love with..I think I will be checking this stuff out very soon...and the boots you bought are super adorable, I have a black pair with the same kind of style, but I prefer yours, hehe :) (to reply to your comment on my blog) I've never been to Versailles either, just Paris, but it's somewhere I really want to get to, as I'm in love with the place after learning about it!! It would be wonderful if you featured the Photographer on your blog, the more that see the work the better..Art is a huge part of my life & I enjoy sharing the artists I find, so please do share :)) Ok, I have babbled on long enough..sorry!! ;)) I hope you are doing well doll and the week is going gorgeous for you!! Kizzy xx

  7. Art is a big part of my life too! I studied art history at the Stockholm University for a year and a half a few years ago. I love finding new artists I like, and it's so perfect having a blog so I can share all my new finds to whomever is interested! All the shoes in the pics above exists in several different colors, so do check them out at Miss L Fire's home page. Then you can write a list to Santa... :) xxx

  8. Lovely winter shoes <3 Looks like you'll meet the cold season gracefully;)

    I especially like the pink goddess shoes, the green tartaruga, the cherry bombs! Mmmmm and a few more *drrrrrool* They're amazing!!

    Re: Thanks for peeking in to my lil' universe and for your wonderful feedback!!:)

  9. We bought the same two pairs of shoes from Miss L Fire...How do you wear your boots? Skirt??



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